GM controversy reaches food enzyme market and other stories from around the world (22/6/2004)

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Research references on GM material in milk
Traces of Roundup Ready Soya GM Bt176 Maize have been found in research done over a period of three years at the Milk and Food Research Centre in Weihenstephan/Bayern.

Einspanier R. et al. (2001) "The fate of forage plant DNA in farm animals: a collaborative case-study investigating cattle and chicken fed recombinant plant material", Eur Food. Res. Technol, 212:129- 134.
Phipps R. H. et al, (2003) "Detection of transgenic and endogenous plant DNA in rumen fluid, duodenal digesta, milk, blood and feces of lactating dairy cows", J.Dairy Sci, 86 p 4070-4078
http://www.greenpeace.org/deutschland/ [material in German]

UK: Three More Held over GM Ship Protest
The Scotsman, UK
Three more Greenpeace campaigners were in police custody today after a giant cargo ship at the centre of a two-day protest about genetically-modified animal feed http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=3099078

GLOBAL: GMO controversy reaches the food enzyme market
Food Production, Europe
22/06/2004 - The recent controversy over genetically modified organisms is set to scratch into market growth as food makers think twice before investing in recombinant enzymes, claims a new report from Frost & Sullivan. http://www.foodproductiondaily.com/news/news-NG.asp?id=52985

MEXICO: Greenpeace says GM-contaminated maize found in nine States
just-food.com, UK
Conventional maize contaminated with genetically modified material has been detected in nine Mexican states. The contaminated maize was found in the highest volumes in Chihuahua, the Federal District, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Veracruz http://www.just-food.com/news_detail.asp?art=57899

GREECE: Trikala corn crops to be destroyed
Kathimerini, Greece, 17 June 2004
The Agricultural Development and Food Ministry has ordered the destruction of several plantations in Trikala where, according to the results of state inspections, genetically modified (GM) corn seeds have been sown, local agricultural officials said yesterday. Officials found that seven farmers had sown the seeds, which formed part of a batch whose distribution the ministry had banned after a sample was confirmed as GM. The seeds had been imported from a US producer. Farmers want results of all tests to be made public and farmers compensated. http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_politics_100018_17/06/2004_44034

Two More California Counties Join Race to Ban GE Crops
via Food First's We Are Fighting Back #23
Butte and Marin Counties in California will join Humboldt County to vote on bans of genetically engineered crops by the end of this year. Citizens for a GE-free Butte delivered 10,100 signatures to Butte county elections office this month, while enthusiastic volunteers in Marin have collected the 9,000 needed to qualify for the ballot in November. Butte and Marin are currently two of seven California counties trying to ban genetically engineered crops. Activists in Sonoma, Napa, Alameda, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo also seek to place bans on the ballot.

Sources: http://www.organicconsumers.org/biod/butte060204.cfm

SCOTLAND: Western Isles ready to join as Highland GM-free zone grows
The Scotsman, UK
WESTERN Isles councillors are set to join colleagues in Highland and Moray and declare their area a GM-free zone. http://news.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=696532004

Germany: Parliament Passes Stringent Law on GMOs introduces register
The German parliament, led by the Social Democratic and Green parties, passed a new law on Friday strictly regulating the growth of genetically modified crops. The law limits the area where genetically-modified plants can be grown in Germany and also calls for a national register to keep tabs on all GM crops. http://www.dw-world.de/english/0,,1432_A_1240112_1_A,00.html

USA: Durbin bill seeks federal review of genetically modified foods
St. Louis Business Journal, USA
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) introduced new legislation Thursday that he said would increase consumer confidence in the safety of genetically modified foods. The Genetically Engineered Foods Act would require a mandatory Food and Drug Administration review of all genetically modified foods as well as an environmental review for genetically modified animals as part of the safety approval process. In addition, the public would be informed of the decisions made in the process and would have the opportunity to comment, Durbin said. http://stlouis.bizjournals.com/stlouis/stories/2004/06/14/daily65.html

Chemical Makers Inform on One Another in Cartel Cases, WSJ Says
June 22, 2004, via Coalition against BAYER-dangers
(Bloomberg) -- Bayer AG, Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. are among companies targeted in price-fixing probes by European and U.S. investigators that were triggered by whistle- blowers, the Wall Street Journal reported. Investigators are now looking into alleged conspiracies to fix prices of several chemicals used in plastics, rubber and synthetic materials in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Japan, the paper said. www.CBGnetwork.org

GLOBAL: Monsanto withdraws GMO wheat from all but US FDA
Environmental News Network
Monsanto has formally withdrawn submissions for its genetically modified wheat from all regulatory agencies except the US Food and Drug Administration... http://www.enn.com/news/2004-06-22/s_25102.asp

USA: Monsanto raises its earnings estimate
Associated Press, June 21, 2004 [via Agnet]
ST. LOUIS -- Monsanto Co. Monday was cited as raising its earnings estimate for the recently ended quarter, citing a strong agricultural season in the United States and a lower tax rate. However, the maker of seeds and herbicides expects to report break-even results or a slight loss for its fourth quarter ending Aug. 31, because of an expected decline in its Roundup herbicide business.

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