Hungary bans a Monsanto GMO maize seed (19/1/2005)

Hungary bans a Monsanto GMO maize seed
19 Jan 2005
Source: Reuters

BUDAPEST, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Hungary has banned the import and planting of Monsanto Co's MON 810 genetically modified maize seeds and will not allow existing stocks to be planted, the Agriculture Ministry said on Wednesday.

However, the new European Union member state will continue to allow use of the GMO maize in food production and in the animal feed industry.

"The temporary measure bans the production, use, distribution and import of hybrids...deriving from the MON 810 maize line," the ministry said in a statement.

The ban comes into force on January 20 and no end date was specified.

"The ban applies to seed producers and distributors as well as farmers," the ministry said.

It said however that the trans-shipment of the GM product will be allowed across Hungary, on condition that the seed packets were not opened and the seed is not altered here.

Any European Union country has the right to use a provision on EU law to block the use of a GMO product on its national territory.

This "get-out clause" allows a government to restrict, provisionally, the use or sale of a specific GMO product if it has concerns over a risk to human health or the environment.

Austria, France, Germany, Greece and Luxembourg still have bans on particular products -- three GMO maize varieties and two types of rapeseed.

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