Polish farmer avoids prison over GM protest (9/11/2005)

From: "Fundacja ICPPC" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Two good news
Date: Tue, Nov 8 2005 14:01

Dear Friends,

Two good news stories from our recent actions:

Concerning our coleague Marian Zagorny: Marian had a court sentence yesterday where he stood to get more than 1 year in gaol for attempting to block illegal shipments of GM grain and actively protesting against the factory farming of pigs in Poland as well as the introduction of GMOs.

Several hundred letters came supporting freedom for Marian - and the good news is that the court agreed that his and his organization's actions were done to protect Polish agriculture and the health of society and were not a criminal action. So Marian will not be prosecuted!

Thank you very much to all who sent their support. Marian was very happy and sends many thanks on his name and his farmers union 'Solidarni'.

2.We are pleased to be able to report that the board of Opole Province have just reached the decision to declare their Province a GMO Free Zone. This is another significant step forward for our campaign for a GMO Free Poland! It brings the total number of Provinces to have declared GMO Free status to 14 (around 90% of the total area of Poland)..... and leaves just 2 to go. We were active in Opole earlier in the year, addressing a public meeting and lobbying board members, so it is good to see that these actions have born fruit. There are many large farms in the Province and the area is a likely target for Monsanto and Pioneer, so this decision is particularly welcome.

With greetings,
Jadwiga and Julian

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In April 2002, ICPPC was awarded the Goldman Prize - Ecological Nobel. In June 2002, ICPPC's headquarter, were visited by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

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