WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! (12/12/2005)

Dear friends and allies around the world

GM Watch is asking for your support as we prepare to celebrate 7 years of running our e-mail lists - first launched in January 1999.

But we're not going to be spending much time looking back. In fact, we desperately need your help as we push forward into the coming year which will be a critical one in the GM war which is now raging right around the world with hotspots flaring from French West Africa to Brazil, from Brussels to Bagdhad.

The signs are that in 2006 the biotech industry will not only have the continuing backing of the Bush administration but that the World Trade Organisation will be throwing its weight behind the US position.

This means that we are going to need to not only hold the line against the might of the GM corporations, the Bush administration and the WTO, but also step up the info-war to make sure that everyone around the globe understands that the US and its corporations are as "dead wrong" on GMOs as they have been on climate change.

To help do that, GM Watch is preparing to seriously step up the international nature of its campaign.

We need to make sure that all the latest news, particularly our roundups of all the most important events/stories/new research etc. are reaching a truly WORLD WIDE audience.

That means we need to start producing *quality* translations of our bulletins in widely spoken languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese and so on, so they can reach many more people. We'd also like to get parts of our websites into other languages.

And, of course, we need to increase the news that's flowing both ways, so we can help get the word out on what's happening and do our best to help galvanise international support for countries under attack from the US-industry-WTO axis.

PLEASE SUPPORT US so that we can not only continue what we are doing but reach a still wider audience.

Unfortunately, we will need significant amounts of money to do both those things. We also need people with good language skills.

If you can help in either way, here's what to do:


Please give generously so that with your help we can sustain and extend our coverage and support of campaigning around the world.

Financial donations can be made online via the PayPal system (in different currencies, according to preference): http://www.gmwatch.org/donate.asp

Alternatively, you can send a check or money order *made out to 'NGIN'* - please note - to:
26 Pottergate
Phone: +44 (0)1603 624021


The message below was received from Brazil in just the last week, as we were preparing this appeal, and it says it all. We need to work with a network of allies around the world that can translate the news into the languages of other nations.

If you can be part of that network in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected]

Any other ideas - all welcome!

More comments about what we do can be found below this message from Brazil.

Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson
GM Watch
www.gmwatch.org / www.lobbywatch.org

'I just want to thank you for sending me all these news about GM. This is the best info and educational work about GM I have met until now, and it's helping me not fall into despair: GM goes on invading my country (Brazil) with no sign of reaction, except that of some NGO and of some Bishops of the Catholic church. All news about GM we have here are just advertising and propaganda promoting GM. And so are the politics.

'It would be very good if these Weekly Watch News were published in other languages too, such as portuguese, spanish, etc. Even if I can understand a little bit of english, it's difficult for me to understand all the text. Do you, GMWatch, have any allies around here, in Brazil, that publish (or could publish) the news in our language? Why don't you construct a net of allies around the world that could translate your news into the languages of other nations? It would be a very good thing if your web site were published in other languages too.

'Well, God bless you all for your work. Thank you for the Weekly News.

'Hugo Camargo Rocha
Bragança Paulista, SP - Brazil.'


'GM Watch is one of the world's most important and effective organizations fighting for the protection of the human and natural environment. The genetic engineering industry spends hundreds of millions of US dollars on global PR, marketing, lobbying and buying-off of politicians. Sustaining the work of GM Watch is essential to countering this corporate political power and propaganda.' - John Stauber, Founder Center for Media & Democracy (publishers of PR Watch), USA, and co-author of Trust Us, We're Experts; Toxic Sludge Is Good For You, and other works

'I subscribe to GM Watch. It is annoying like hell...'
Dr Shanthu Shantharam, President of Biologistics International, formerly with Syngenta

'GM Watch is remarkably effective and informative. Its comprehensive coverage and penetrating commentary provide activists and the public around the world with essential knowledge about the GM debate. GM Watch does such a good job, I have stopped trying to compile news for my own electronic newsletter. Instead, I put out a syndicated column and recommend to my subscribers to get the news events from GM Watch.'
Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, the No. 1 bestselling book on GM foods

'Over the past 20 years, I have worked with scores of NGOs and individual whistleblowers, who have provided much of the information I've used as an investigative journalist. But I have never come across any as well-organised, effective and hard working as GM Watch. I have now written four major investigative pieces on the back of their findings, each of which has caused a storm in the media. I have yet to find fault with any of the factual information they have supplied.'
George Monbiot, journalist, author and broadcaster

'GM Watch is the real watchdog relentlessly exposing the machinations of the politician-industry-scientist nexus that is exploiting the hungry stomach for garnering more profits.'
Devinder Sharma, food and trade policy analyst, India

'GM Watch's work is extraordinarily important. You are a great source not only of information but analysis, and I know that many people, including professionals in this field, look up - and look forward - to your mailings.'
Dr Ignacio Chapela, microbial ecologist at the University of California, Berkeley and the scientist who exposed the Mexican maize scandal

'The GM Watch website is to my mind the single most influential item in our campaigning armoury.'
Dr Brian John, a co-ordinator of GM Free Cymru

'I know that GM Watch's work is particularly valued by people working to defend the rights of marginalised farmers.'
Dr Tom Wakeford, biologist and action researcher at the Policy Ethics and Life Sciences Research Institute, University of Newcastle

'You have created an incredible research tool, especially for us journalists. Thank you, this will put a sharper edge on everything I write from now on.'
Don Maroc, Cowichan News-Leader, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

'GM Watch serves a critical role in countering the power and propaganda of the biotech industry. It is part of the life blood of our global alliance to protect our food and agriculture - communicating our successes, identifying emerging issues and catalysing resistance. Thank you GM Watch!'
Keisuke Amagasa, NO! GMO Campaign, Japan

'I checked out your website. I had no idea you had so much useful information. You are providing an incredible service to all of us wanting to know what is really going on in the GM battle.'
Rick North, Project Director, Oregon Physicians For Social Responsbility's Campaign For Safe Food, USA

'GM Watch provides excellent coverage of information and analysis on key genetic engineering issues as they relate to the Global South. GM Watch is my first port of call for any current and historic references on GE impacts on development.'
Patrick Mulvany, Senior Policy Adviser, Intermediate Technology Development Group

'Once one of our new studies gets cited by GM Watch, the emails and calls start coming in from scientists, farm leaders, activists, and the media.'
Dr Charles Benbrook, Northwest Science and Environmental Policy Center, USA

'GM Watch is one of the most useful information services in an age when we need to counter "paid science" and massive public relations spin by vested interests who put profits before human safety and our planet's sustainability.'
Andrew Taynton, Safe Food Coalition, South Africa

'Personally, I distrust everything that comes from [GM Watch].'
Alex Avery, Hudson Institute, USA

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