Would you eat GM food? "Not knowingly", says Conservative leader / Non-GMO Project (30/7/2006)

Earlier today we circulated an article by Blair's former environment minister, attacking the strong pro-GM bias of the Government and questioning the safety of GM foods. (You don't want GM foods? Too bad) http://www.lobbywatch.org/archive2.asp?arcid=6820

In the interests of political balance, here's the Leader of the Opposition on why we should maintain a GM moratorium and why he wouldn't knowingly eat GM food. Of course, if Bomber Blair gets his way, he won't get the choice.

Tell Blair what you think of his plans at: http://www.stopgmcontamination.org


1.Would you eat GM food? "Not knowingly", says Conservative leader
2.The Non-GMO Project Growing in the U.S.

1.Would you eat GM food? "Not knowingly", says Conservative leader

"I don't think we should lift the moratorium [on GM crops] until we've dealt with the two issues of contamination and liability," says Conservative leader David Cameron in the Hot Seat article. "Although you say farmers are itching to grow GM crops, I don't think that right now anyone would argue that there's a big market." When asked if he would eat food which has got GM content in it, he says, "not knowingly... on the whole I'd rather make sure I'm eating locally produced and un-genetically modified food." (Farmers' Weekly - 21/7/06)

2.The Non-GMO Project Signs On Its First 50 Member Stores in the U.S.
BERKELEY, July 25, 2006

The Non-GMO Project, a collaboration of North American grocery stores and co-ops urging natural food and supplement companies to go Non-GMO, is now at 50 members nationwide, and counting. From San Diego, California to White River Junction, Vermont, natural food retailers have begun to join this effort to assure "a Non-GMO food supply, our customer’s confidence in the foods and supplements we offer, and the general health & well-being of ourselves, our customers and the world in general."

The Certificate of Membership that each store receives upon joining the Project also describes the project as:

"A Groundbreaking Effort To Identify GMOs In The Food Supply and To Influence Natural Food & Supplement Companies To Go Non-GMO.

The First Comprehensive Non-GMO Compliance Review System started By Independent Natural Foods & Supplements Retailers and their Customers.

The most rigorous standard for Non-GMO verification, developed with the technical assistance of Global ID Consulting."

The Non-GMO Project was founded by two natural grocery stores, The Natural Grocery Company in Berkeley, California, and The Big Carrot Natural Food Market in Toronto, Canada. To create a systematic and scientific program for Non-GMO certification, they have retained Global ID Consulting / Genetic ID North America, the world’s leader in GMO control and identification. The Project’s mission is two-fold; first, it seeks to enlist as many member grocery stores as possible across the United States and Canada. Second, The Non-GMO Project will contact all natural foods & supplements manufacturers, and formally request their participation.

See the list of The Non-GMO Project Member Stores at: http://www.nongmoproject.org/stores.html

To join The Non-GMO Project as a member store, or for more information about the project, please visit their website: http://www.nongmoproject.org

U.S. Contact: Corey Nicholl, The Non-GMO Project, (510) 526-2456 ext.154, or [email protected]

Canada Contact: Julie Daniluk, The Non-GMO Project, (416) 466-2129 or [email protected]

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