EU comes down against Monsanto in Argentine soy dispute (10/8/2006)

Monsanto seems to end up at loggerheads even with countries that have embraced GM crops! And that's apart from all the other problems the company brings in its wake. (Argentina: Soya-Fication Brings Serious Problems) http://www.lobbywatch.org/archive2.asp?arcid=6793


Argentina: EU Agrees With Government Vs Monsanto In Soy Dispute
By Shane Romig
Dow Jones Newswires, August 10th 2006

BUENOS AIRES -(Dow Jones)- The European Union has agreed with Argentina regarding complaints filed by U.S. biotechnology giant Monsanto Co. (MON) over roundup ready soybean products shipped from Argentina to Europe, Argentina's Economy Ministry said late Wednesday.

Monsanto has sought to show that soybean exports to the E.U. are derived from a Monsanto-made seed, whose patent is recognized in Europe but not in Argentina. The company has therefore claimed that Argentine soy exporters should pay royalties to Monsanto.

"The Internal Market and Services Directorate-General of the European Commission confirmed the interpretation of the Argentine government which asserts that the soy meal derived from genetically modified seeds imported into Europe does not infringe on Monsanto's patent," Argentina's Economy Ministry said in a release.

Monsanto has filed a number of cases in E.U. member countries over this issue, which have led to delays in shipments of Argentine soymeal at European ports.

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