Biotech Maize Approved for Sonora, Mexico - protest to Mexican president (28/8/2006)

You can write to the Mexican President calling on him not to give in to the pressure of the GM corporations and not to allow the cultivation of GM maize in Mexico - the centre of origin for maize.


Biotech Maize Approved for Sonora, Mexico
CropBiotech Update August 25, 2006

Cesar Salazar Platt, the Agriculture Undersecretary of the state of Sonora, Mexico, has announced that permits allowing the commercial planting of biotech maize are being granted in the state of Sonora, Mexico. "We can't fight against technology, if we want to continue planting maize in Sonora and be competitive, we must face new avenues with the required cautions and considerations" said Salazar Platt.

The use of transgenic seeds allows farmers to obtain increased production with a 30% reduction in costs, mainly due to the reduced used of agrochemicals, thereby allowing farmers of the region to compete with other states and nations that have already adopted the technology, added Salazar Platt. Furthermore, transgenic varieties also promote a more efficient use of water.

The government official also said that the required trials to ascertain the performance of the approved biotech varieties had been carried out.

More information in: http://www.agronet.com.mx/cgi/notes.cgi?Action=Viewhistory&Type=Rn=2006-08-01%2000:00:00x=2006-08-31%2023:59:59

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