New book "unmasks the biotech industry's horrific tactics" (29/8/2006)

The former editor of GM Watch's Weekly Watch has a new book coming out.

Genetically Modified Food: A Short Guide for the Confused
Andy Rees
Published 9th October 2006
Pb / GBP12.99 / 0745324398

'Rees unmasks the biotech industry's horrific tactics in their race to take over our food supply and the devastation that their GM crops will inflict if we don't act quickly.' Jeffrey M. Smith, best-selling author Seeds of Deception

'Gives a great boost to all public-spirited citizens who want to get their facts straight. ...Highly recommended!' Dr Arpad Pusztai, the world's leading expert on plant lectins

Is the food on our shelves free of genetically engineered ingredients?

- In the US, although they may not know it, most people already eat genetically modified food.

- Since the introduction of GM foods seven years ago, food-derived illnesses in the US have doubled.

- In the UK foods are contaminated with GM material through the 1 million tonnes of GM maize and soy used to feed livestock.

So far the major corporations have met resistance in Europe but their worldwide influence is huge - and grows all the time. GM foods are increasingly prevalent despite NEVER having been tested on humans.

Are genetically modified crops dangerous to the environment and to our bodies? In this brilliantly readable guide Andy Rees provides the answers.

Andy Rees is the author of The Pocket Green Book: The Environmental Crisis in a Nutshell (1991) and former editor of GM Watch's Weekly Watch.

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