No approval of GM maize in Mexico - correction (30/8/2006)

This will teach us to believe anything we read on CS Prakash's AgBioView e-mail list.

We appologise to subscribers for circulating the inaccurate news piece saying Sonora in Mexico had approved GM maize. The piece is here http://www.lobbywatch.org/archive2.asp?arcid=6945

The piece originated with the biotech industry backed lobby group ISAAA and its 'CropBiotech Update'. It was relayed on by Vivian Moses, Chair of the biotech industry backed lobby group CropGen, and finally promulgated to the world by CS Prakash's AgBioView. Enough said.

They're still trying to get approval for GM maize in Mexico, though, as you can see below, so it's still a good idea to write to the Mexican President calling on him not to give in to the pressure of the GM corporations and not to allow the cultivation of GM maize in Mexico - the centre of origin for maize.


[hidden away in in AgBioView - August 30, 2006]

Correction - From Vivian Moses

On the 26th, I included a report "Crop Biotech Update (25.8.06) - Biotech maize approved for Sonora, Mexico". (which was reproduced in AgBioView....CSP)

It appears that this information is not correct. I am advised that the next step in the process to obtain a commercial approval to plant biotech maize in Mexico is to secure the Permit to conduct the Biotech Maize Master Project. Sonora is one of the States targeted for the Master Project (also Sinaloa and Tamaulipas) but the authority has not granted the Permit. The submissions for the Master Project are under Public Consultation that will end on September 19 and after that date authorities will take time to review comments received and deliver a decision. Authorities have a period of two months that started from August 15.

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