French police arrest three as hundreds try to destroy GM crops (3/9/2006)

Grezet Cavagnan in southern France is where a giant 'X' was carved into a GM maize field after a court order forced Greenpeace to remove information from its website identifying where the GM maize was growing. Under EU law such information should be publicly available.


French police arrest three as hundreds try to destroy GM crops
Agence France Press, 2 September 06 [via Agnet]

GREZET-CAVAGNAN, France - French police were cited as arresting three people on Saturday after hundreds of protesters including anti-globalisation icon Jose Bove tried to destroy a field of genetically-modified maize.

The story says that between 250 and 300 anti-GM protesters invaded the field in the Lot-et-Garonne area of southwest France on Saturday afternoon. But police arrived before they completed their task and arrested three people following brief scuffles.

The protesters left the scene around an hour afterwards in order to find where the three were being held and handed to authorities a list of all protestors in what they described as a gesture of solidarity.

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