US supply chain to Europe "now severely disrupted" (10/9/2006)

Part of a statement from Tilda Rice, a major UK rice supplier, about the illegal GM rice situation.

This confirms that contamination has been found in stocks at port and states, "the US supply chain to Europe is now severely disrupted."

Tilda response to GM rice alert
6 September 2006

In response to the alert raised by US authorities about the potential adventitious presence of an unauthorized GM rice variety (LLRice 601), Tilda has supplemented its rigorous quality controls

for US rice by testing for the presence of LLRice 601 at independent laboratories in Europe using the method validated by Bayer CropScience.

Tests on US rice stocks held by us are clear. That is to say LLRice 601 is not present. The tests on rice shipped from our supplier and currently at port have shown presence of LLRice 601 at trace quantities (ie less than 0.1%). These consignments have been rejected and are being returned to our suppliers.

... the US supply chain to Europe is now severely disrupted. We are talking to US suppliers regarding the future supply of US long grain rice that is certified to be free of LLRice 601.

...Tilda is committed to sourcing the best rice. We will never compromise on matters of quality, health or safety. It is Tilda's policy to source GM-free rice. This is a contractual obligation that is known and understood by our suppliers.

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