Leading Cypriot politician calls for total GM ban (27/4/2007)

Demetris Christofias is President of the House of Representatives in Cyprus (the Cypriot parliament).

Christofias calls for total GM ban
By Nassos Stylianou
Christofias calls for total GM ban
Cyprus Mail, 27 April 2007

HOUSE President Demetris Christofias yesterday called for a total ban on genetically modified (GM) foods.

Christofias, who was speaking at an event against GM products, said that the solution to the dilemma was simply zero-tolerance.

'The solution to the problem will not be found in the imposition of restrictions and checks but by enforcing a full ban,' he said.

The AKEL Secretary General said that the issue was of added importance to an island the size of Cyprus.

'The matter is a very hot topic in the case of Cyprus, especially taking into account the small size of the island and the simplicity with which all crops can become polluted,' he added.

Christofias ended his speech by claiming that the Cypriot slogan on the matter should be: 'Away from our land. Not on our plates!'

Christofias has been warned in the past about implementing a bill to separate genetically modified foods on supermarket shelves reaching the plenum. Washington had warned that such legislation would hurt Cyprus-US relations.

Last year, the EU Commission also quashed the notion of Cyprus being allowed to display products with genetically modified (GM) content separately on supermarket shelves, calling the idea 'inadmissible'.

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