Don't mention the G word (6/6/2007)

Don't mention the G word
John Vidal and David Adam
The Guardian (Eco soundings), June 6 2007

Europe is edging slowly towards GMO acceptance. Who says? None other than Monsanto's CEO, Hugh Grant, who said last week that his company was "laying the groundwork should a policy change come to pass". Does this in any way tie in with papers that Friends of the Earth Europe got out of the European Commission by using freedom of information legislation last week? Email correspondence and minutes of a meeting between the EC and the US earlier this year showed US frustrations at the EU's failure to "normalise trade" of biotech products, and at the "lack of political will to operate EU approval systems of GMOs". The US has always been a bio-bully, but Eco Soundings did like the bit in the email where the unnamed US diplomat leans on the EU to steer clear of using the term "GMOs" in order to minimise public opposition to its policies.


US emails to EU can be seen on the FoEE website http://www.foeeurope.org/

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