Mothers rally against "GM" milk (19/6/2007)

Mothers rally against "GM" milk
Breaking Rural News : DAIRY
North Queensland Register, 19 June 2007
(SOURCE: Extract from full story in Stock & Land, Vic, June 21)

Mothers and children will rally outstide the United Dairyfarmers of Victora (UDV) conference in Melbourne on Tuesday to voice their opposition to milk produced from cows fed genetically modified (GM) grain.

Mothers Against GE (MAdGE) spokeswoman, Glenda Lindsay, said the group – a newly formed coalition of anti-GM mothers, grandmothers and children –wanted to show farmers, Victorian consumers didn’t want genetically engineered (GE) or GM milk.

"We want to feed our families food guaranteed to be safe, local and GM free," Ms Lindsay said.

"There are no peer reviewed studies that prove it is safe to drink milk from cows fed GM products."

Ms Lindsay said the group wanted the ban on GM canola in Victoria to be extended permanently.

"It makes no sense to grow GM crops when most polls show shoppers don't want GM foods," she said.

UDV members will today vote on a resolution for the UDV to reverse its anti-GM position and support choice of GM technology in the dairy industry,"

SOURCE: Extract from full story in Stock & Land, Vic, June 21.

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