GMO hype for thought (17/10/2007)

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AgBioWorld Members Discuss The Independent Article and YouTube Videos
Compiled by C.S. Prakash
October 12 2007 [shortened]

The Independent Posts Interview with Kings College Faculty Member Calling GM Crops ''Dangerous and Unnecessary''

Abstract: Members discuss the need for a response after the United Kingdom newspaper The Independent published an anti-biotech article interviewing an associate professor at Kings College. Dr. Michael Antoniou of Kings College argued that ''genetically modified crops are dangerous and unnecessary.''

Several members expressed the need for a letter written not only to the newspaper but also the Dean of Kings College, pointing out the factual errors in the article. One member noted that another Associate Professor from a UK college published a similar article and after a letter was written to the University was forced to write a letter or apology for her ''fear monger lies.''

YouTube Video Posted by Member Predicted the “Demise of GM Crops”

Abstract: A member posted a video to YouTube containing a CBC News clip of OECD Summit on GMO safety in Edinburgh March 1, 2000, featuring a debate between Patrick Holden of the Soil Association Alan McHughen in which Holden predicts the demise of GM crops within five years.

One member suggests that other members leave comments on the YouTube video ''in anticipation of the anti's getting their licks in first'' since the video is on a public site.

Link to the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwE0cqdZWlY

Members Discuss YouTube video of Interview on Monsanto vs. Schmeiser Court Case

Abstract: A member posted a video to YouTube containing a CBC interview with Alan McHughen concerning genetically modified crops and the Monsanto vs. Percy Schmeiser court case. The interview originally aired in June of 2000. The video also contains a short spot on the British Royal Family''s views on GM crops.

Link to YouTube video being discussed:

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