Lamb exporter backs GM ban (13/11/2007)

1.Lamb exporter backs GM ban
2.Vic govt told to say no to GE crops

1.Lamb exporter backs GM ban

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 13 November 2007 http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/11/13/2089378.htm

A meat producer says a premium is being paid for lamb exports, but allowing GM food could put that at risk. (ABC Rural: Karen Hunt)

Map: Bordertown 5268

Frozen lamb exporter, the Tatiara Meat Company (TMC), says a ban on commercial genetically modified (GM) food crops should continue.

South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales are all reviewing whether to extend a moratorium on GM crops, with the local moratorium due to end next April.

TMC, with operations in SA and Victoria, joins multinational food producer Goodman Fielder in saying the ban should be extended by five years, even though some farming groups want the moratorium to end.

TMC's managing director, Eckard Huebl, says there is a risk it will lose a premium now being paid for Australian lamb.

'Our company is now selling its lamb to the US and Europe as all natural, no artificial, no hormones, no GM and that is very much the acceptable standard for Australian lamb,' he said.

'So therefore we see a premium being paid for our product, as compared to probably even domestic lamb.'


2.Vic govt told to say no to GE crops

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 12 Nov 2007 http://abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/11/12/2088209.htm

Anti-genetic engineering campaigners (GE) have delivered 15,000 signatures to the Victorian Government, ahead of its decision on genetically-modified crops.

The Government is deciding whether to continue a five-year moratorium on genetically-engineered crops, over the next few weeks.

Gene ethics campaigner Bob Phelps says GE crops could spread, if they are farmed in Victoria.

'Genetically manipulated canola pollen and seed cannot be contained,' he said.

'It does cross state boundaries and we think that it would be highly irresponsible of the Victorian Government to go it alone on GM.'

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