Parliamentary motion against scientific misrepresentation and fraud (6/12/2007)

Ask your Member of Parliament to sign this parliamentary Early Day Motion against scientific misrepresentation and fraud concerning GM crops.

The Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher MP - the UK's Minister for the Environment (1997-2003) - has tabled an important EDM on the manipulation and misrepresentaion of research on GM crops and 18 Members of Parliament have already become co-signatories.

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons. However, very few EDMs are actually debated. Instead, they are used for reasons such as publicising the views of MPs, drawing attention to specific issues, and demonstrating the extent of parliamentary support for a particular cause or point of view.

TAKE ACTION: If you're in the UK, please go to this link for more info on how to contact your local MP - http://www.writetothem.com

A briefing on these issues has been posted by GM Watch at http://www.lobbywatch.org/p1temp.asp?pid=99&page=1

Read the GM EDM in full


Meacher, Michael

That this House regrets the continuing attempts to silence or misrepresent scientists whose research indicates possible human health problems from GM crops, as in the case of Dr Irina Ermakova who was misled by the editor of Nature Biotechnology into submitting an article to the journal to be published under her name, with the article in fact published under the editor's name with criticisms by four well-known GM supporters not seen by Dr Ermakova prior to publication; deplores the continuing efforts by an employee of the Canadian Government, Shane Morris, to close down websites in the UK and Republic of Ireland which have, along with Dr Richard Jennings of Cambridge University, said that research which claimed that consumers prefer GM sweetcorn published by this employee and others and given an Award for Excellence, is a flagrant fraud; and calls on the Government Chief Scientist to protect the integrity and objectivity of science by reasserting the right of scientists to have their views published by journals without underhand interference by journal editors, and for the Chief Scientist to encourage journal editors to withdraw papers they have published which subsequently turn out to be grossly misleading or even fraudulent.

Meacher, Michael
Simpson, Alan
George, Andrew
Robertson, Angus
Baker, Norman
Drew, David
Walley, Joan
Prentice, Gordon
Hopkins, Kelvin
Caton, Martin
Dean, Janet
Dismore, Andrew
Harvey, Nick
McCafferty, Chris
Breed, Colin
Stunell, Andrew
Jackson, Glenda
Cryer, Ann

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