French Farmer Calls Off Hunger Strike (12/1/2008)

1.French Farmer Calls Off Hunger Strike
2.Good news from France - Buenas noticias de Francia

EXTRACTS: The Ban-GMOs Year could hardly have started better. (item 2)


1.French Farmer Calls Off Hunger Strike
The Associated Press, 11 January 2008

PARIS (AP) - Militant French farmer Jose Bove and about 15 supporters called off their hunger strike in its eighth day after the government ordered the suspension of the use of genetically modified corn Friday.

France will suspend cultivation of MON810, the seed for the only type of genetically modified corn now allowed in the country, until a European Union review is conducted, Prime Minister Francois Fillon's office said.

The move was based on a recommendation this week by a government-appointed panel calling for 'the need for additional analyses on the health and environmental effects of the genetically modified product MON810 in the long term,' Fillon's office said in a statement.

Bove and his supporters began the hunger strike Jan. 3, saying they hoped to pressure the government to make good on a promise in November to suspend cultivation of MON810. He said they only drank water or unsweetened tea during the protest.

The seed, which resists some types of insects, was authorized before a government-ordered moratorium on genetically modified products took effect in 1999. Last year, it was planted in about 54,000 acres in France - mainly in southern farmland.

Bove rose to fame in August 1999 when he and supporters used farm equipment to dismantle a McDonald's branch under construction in Millau, in the foothills of France's Massif Central mountains.

He has faced repeated trials and served jail time for destroying genetically modified crops.


2.Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 00:19:20 +0100
From: DominiqueBéroule
[email protected]
Subject: Good news from France - Buenas noticias de Francia
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Dear Partners,

The only GE-plant cultivated in France (MON810) has just been officially banned, in agreement with the opinion given two days ago by a so-called 'High Authority' panel of scientists and organizations representatives. This has worked thanks to the possibility for a European country to issue a 'Safety Clause' despite the current authorization of this GE-Plant in Europe. This has been a consequence of the word pledged by the French Government about GMOs during a long-run meeting called 'Grenelle de l'Environnement', bringing together NGOs, scientists and politicians. This word has been reminded to them by a hunger-strike started one week ago in the middle of Paris by a group of activists, including José Bové.

This excellent piece of news is to be shared worldwide.

I will translate the 'High Authority' panel report and send it to you next week. In a few words, this commission put forward the lack of assessment concerning the new proteins generated by Artificial Genetic Constructions (not equivalent to natural proteins). They also referred to recent scientific data showing the unexpected harmful effects of this pesticide plant on non-target organisms, including earth-worms. The long-distance dissemination has been another strong argument. Their final statement is about the requirement to consider now the question of the GE material still imported from the American continent for feeding cattle.

The Ban-GMOs Year could hardly have started better.

Let's wish this case could spread and favour a global recession of GMOs by the end of 2008

Dom of Chevreuse


Socios queridos,

La única OGM planta cultivada en Francia (MON810) acaba de estar prohibida oficialmente, en el acuerdo con la opinión dada hace dos días cerca un 'Alta Autoridad' panel de científicos y de representantes de las organizaciones. Esto ha trabajado gracias a la posibilidad por un país europeo para publicar un 'cláusula de seguridad'; a pesar de la autorización actual de esta OGM-Planta en Europa. Ésta ha sido una consecuencia de la palabra prometida por el gobierno francés sobre OGM durante una reunión duradera convocada 'Grenelle de l'Environnement', reunir los nGOs, los científicos y a políticos. Esta palabra ha sido recordada a ellos por hambre-pulsa comenzó hace una semana en el centro de París de un grupo de activistas, incluyendo José Bové.

Este pedazo de noticias excelente debe ser compartido por todo el mundo. Traduciré el 'Alta Autoridad' artesone el informe y envíele usted la semana próxima. En algunas palabras, esta comisión propone la carencia del gravamen referente a las proteínas nuevas generadas por las OGM construcciones (no equivalentes a las proteínas naturales). También refirieron a los datos científicos recientes que demostraban los efectos dañosos inesperados de esta planta del pesticida en organismos de la no-blanco, incluyendo gusanos. La difusión interurbana ha sido otra discusión fuerte. Su declaración final está sobre el requisito ahora para considerar la cuestión del material de la GE todavía importado del continente americano para alimentar ganados.

El año de la Interdiccio'n-OGM habría podido comenzar apenas mejor.

Deseemos que este caso podría separar y favorecer una recesión global de OGM antes de fin de 2008.

Dom de Chevreuse

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