Why Prashant Bhushan is a hero (14/2/2008)

NOTE: This is a message sent by one of the petitioners before the Supreme Court - PV Satheesh - to their Counsel, Prashant Bhushan. It relates to the lawyer openly expressing his disgust in court after the Chief Justice, K.G. Balakrishnan, following a long diatribe in favour of Bt cotton, suggested the Public Interest Litigation was being driven by economic interests such as those of the pesticide industry. Prashant's anger and disdain may have not made him popular with the judges but it's made him a hero to many.


Dear Prashant

I read in the newspapers this morning with a bit of dismay and a bit of amusement the way the Learned judges of the SC dealt with out petition.

Prashant, you stay my hero. What you did in throwing the files around, which the Learned judges described as throwing a tantrum, is what millions of Indian farmers would have done in the face of the terrorising justice which is impervious to the issues of justice and only can look at law. And then those Learned judges who have the right to sermonise on issues which they themselves confess they are not experts on. And to say our case is prompted by Pesticide Industry! Can you think of something more hilarious? Us, who all of our lives, have fought against pesticides and chemical fertilisers being accused of being propped up by the Pesticide Industry! On the same lines, we could accuse Monsanto of being propped up by the Organic industry!!!

Well, it does not matter, Prashant. We have lost a petition. But not the truth. The truth will grow over the years and will grow so big that the inflated egos of small time judges cannot contain it and their egos and their justice systems will be blown away when this truth explodes.

Poor little SC judges who cannot see through the tyranny of the Expertism and are likely to believe MSS [Swaminathan] rather than the milllions of people who are constantly coming up with GE truths on their farms and homes! Through such judgements and their open admission of their ignorance they have clearly exposed how unfit they are to sit in judgement over the fate of billions of Indian citizens.

However Prashant, we should not take very seriously our battle in the hallowed precincts of the SC. Our war is on the farms and fields of our farmers. And here we will win our war some day very soon. In the meanwhile though we have to witness in the meanwhile, the death of soils, cattle and suicides of farmers brought about by GE. Something the Gods of Justice with the holy cloth tied to their eyes, cannot see. We will travel through this tragedy but will surely pass through the tunnel faster than we think to see the light of truth.

With warm regards and many congratulations for being a hero of our times.

p v satheesh

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