France proposes tougher EU rules for GM crops (4/3/2008)

1.France proposes tougher EU rules for modified crops

2.International Exhibition: 'The Global Resistance to GMOs'


1.France proposes tougher EU rules for modified crops
AFP, 4 March 2008

BRUSSELS (AFP) France on Monday proposed scrapping the EU's present system for authorising genetically modified crops for tougher standards which take into account a wide range of environmental and safety factors.

A European Commission spokeswoman said that no member state spoke against the French proposals, while French Environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said about six of them spoke in favour, including Spain, Italy and Poland.

'A taboo subject has been opened up,' he told a press conference following a meeting with fellow EU environment ministers in Brussels.

Under the French proposals, which Borloo said also had German support, a multi-discipline and independent assessment would be used to consider proposals for authorising GMOs, the subject of strong debate in France and elsewhere.

At the moment, European Food Safety Agency gives a scientific opinion about GMOs under consideration for coming on the market before it goes to member states to decide whether to allow the new product.

However, because member states are usually split on authorising GMOs, the decision reverts to the European Commission, which in turn usually follows EFSA's opinion.

Under the French plan food safety concerns would be considered alongside issues such as the farming economy, soil deterioration and effects on other crops.

'To change the expertise does not mean a ban on GMOs,' the French minister assured.

'GMOs merit a proper procedure and a real protocol to be placed on the market,' he added.

France has banned the growing of a GMO maize variety produced by the US group Monsanto, the only genetically modified crop grown within the EU, mainly in Spain.


2.International Exhibition : 'The Global Resistance to GMOs'

Dear partners,

PAN AP and its network partners in 13 countries in Asia will be celebrating the Week of Rice Action 2008 from 2-8 April 2008. A grand regional culmination will be held in Indonesia on 8 April 2008, promoting it as International No GE Day. They would be happy if JIGMOM members could celebrate it with them. On this very same day, a trial of 58 GMO Voluntary Reapers will take place in Chartres, France; a festival is planned there, that would show the international dimension of our protest.

An easy and efficient way to show our solidarity on this No GE Day would be to start now exchanging photos with their respective captions, as well as small reports on local stories of resistance to GMOs, so as to be able to set up the SAME EXHIBITION IN SEVERAL LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD on April 8.

If you wish to join in this International Exhibition that could be entitled 'The Global Resistance to GMOs', let us know your email address where 'exhibition material' can later be sent from other partners for you to prepare a local sample of this exhibition.

Thank you to tell us if you are ready to share your own pics and documents with other partners. Your 'exhibition material' would then be shown at the same time in several countries, including at least Malaysia and France.

With our best regards,
Franciska Soler, of the 'Collectif anti-OGM du Loiret', France(
[email protected])
Clare Westwood, Coordinator of the 'Save Our Rice Campaign', PAN AP, Malaysia ([email protected]) Dominique Béroule of Altercampagne ([email protected])

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