France's GM ban upheld / Support Dimas (19/3/2008)

1.French council upholds decision on GMO crop ban

2.Support Commissioner Dimas with a Postcard! - URGENT

NOTE: Fantastic news (item 1) - France's highest administrative body, the state council (Le Conseil d'Etat), has today rejected Monsanto's complaint about the French Government's ban on Monsanto's MON810 corn.

There was massive controversy last year, and a continuing series of protests and confrontations, over the planting of 22,000 hectares (55,000 acres) of Mon810. This year there should be *NO* Mon810 at all in France which, as it is the only GM crop that can be grown there, means that - barring crop trials - French fields should be completely GM free.


1.French council upholds decision on GMO crop ban
REUTERS, March 19 2008

PARIS (Reuters) - France's highest legal authority upheld on Wednesday a government decision to ban the commercial use of the only genetically modified (GMO) crop grown in the country, legal sources said on Wednesday.

'Our case has been rejected, we are studying the conclusions (of the State Council),' one source close to the case said.

French seedmakers, including Monsanto, attacked the government's earlier decision to ban the use of maize seeds using Monsanto's MON 810 technology.

(Reporting by Valerie Parent; Editing by Peter Blackburn)


2.Support Environment Commissioner Dimas - URGENT

Important message from Greenpeace asking for postcards in support of Environment Commissioner Dimas. For background, see FoE press release:


Dear friends,

Environment Commissioner Dimas needs some support right now! Can you help?

Last year more than 130,000 people joined our cyberaction supporting Commissioner Dimas' proposal not to authorise the cultivation of two new GMOs in Europe. However, the agri-chemical industry and their lackeys in Brussels are fighting back very strongly, trying to isolate Dimas and to force him to authorise their GM products.

If Dimas receives picture postcards from all over Europe -- and from supporters around the world -- he'd know he's not alone. You know the feeling. It's so rare to send real hand-written postcards these days, that every single one makes an impression.

Do you want to keep risky GM crops away from European fields, food and feed? Will you participate in this urgent action? Then please let us know and click here:

I will take part -- and will send a card to Mr. Dimas! *

Thank you!
Marco Contiero,
(Policy Director on GMOs, Greenpeace European Unit, Brussels)

P.S. 130,000 people sending messages to the Commission is a lot! But, we need to be even more, and send Commissioner Dimas as many postcards in support as possible. Therefore please forward that message to at least three friends and ask them to take action as well.

* The full link is here: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/genetic-engineering/solidarity-send-commissioner?utm_source=gpi-cyberactivist-list&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=valentine

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