Useful information for Anti-GM Activists (13/5/2005)

The following list of resources was compiled by South African activist, Andrw Taynton.

*Farmers on GM crops*

1) Farmer to Farmer Campaign on Genetic Engineering: (USA)

2) Network of Concerned Farmers (Australia)

3) Indian farmers burn GM cotton seeds - picture

4) Canadian farmers call for moratorium

5) Argentina's GM woes

6) Will GM crops deliver benefits to farmers?

*Scientists on GM foods and crops*

1) Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)

2) Institute of Science in Society

*Scientific Journals*

The Lancet: "Health risks of genetically modified foods"

*Will GM crops benefit Africa?*

1) Twelve Reasons for Africa to Reject GM Crops

2) GM WATCH - Focus on Africa

3) USAID: Making the world hungry for GM crops

4) GM crops irrelevant for Africa

5) Patents and Intellentual Property Rights in African Agriculture: Implicatons for small farmers

6) Zambia reaffirms its GMO ban and looks to alternatives

7) A New Green Revolution in Africa?

*RESOURCES in South Africa*

African Centre for Biosafety
( )

Biowatch South Africa (

Earthlife Africa ( )

GM Free Africa (

South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering (Safeage) (


Monsanto vs Farmers

Monsanto's Big Lie Exposed

Monsanto Unveiled

"Millions against Monsanto" consumer campaign

"A Monsanto History"

*Religious and Spiritual Issues on Genetic Engineering*

Genetic Engineering: An Affront to religious principles

South African Catholic Bishops statement on GM crops

Philippines - Catholic Church fights GM crop

Christian Aid: Selling suicide - farming, false promises and genetic engineering in developing countries

"Ethical and Spiritual Issues in Genetic Engineering"

*Propaganda tricks of the biotech industry*

"More fake GM farmers from Africa?"

"Monsanto's World Wide Web of Deceit":

*Solutions to hunger without GM crops*

An Ordinary Miracle (Kenya) - New Scientist

Feeding the World?
Sustainable Agriculture Centre for Research and Development in Africa

Some Sustainable Agriculture related links

*Organic Agriculture*

Organic Agricultural Association of South Africa

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute

Organic Consumers Association (USA)

Soil Association: The Heart of Organic Food and Farming (UK)


1) South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering (Safeage)

2) Greenpeace International - Say No to Genetic Engineering

3) Consumers International

*Newsletters to subscribe to*

1) Spilling the Beans


3) The Campaign E-mail lists

4) Organic Bytes (Organic Consumers Association - USA)

5) The Non-GMO Report (monthly from USA)


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