Taverne does GM promotional for Monsanto (19/1/2006)

Lord Taverne, the Chairman of Sense About Science, has done a GM-promotional for Monsanto.

The video can be seen via:

Transcript of the interview here:

Monsanto asserts the following copyright control over the material: "The consent of the copyright holder to use this material and the images in the published context only is granted solely for the purpose of promoting the benefits of agricultural biotechnology."

Despite which we'd like to quote the following:

"…… And if you look at the crops … Bt cotton, for example – now benefiting small farmers all over the world... These are based on a lot of work, which was done by companies…"

All over the world? Does that include small farmers in India where Bt cotton varieties have been banned in some parts because of their poor performance? In Indonesia where Bt cotton was completely withdrawn? In South Africa where small farmer indebtedness has increased has increased in the area where Bt cotton has been introduced?


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