Cook up a storm at the European Commission! (5/3/2006)

The very useful information below has been sent to GM Watch by Akiko Frid who's working on this important Europe-wide campaign with Greenpeace in Sweden.

As you'll see, hundreds of thousands of signatures have already been collected and there are details below of how you can not only sign yourself but print off petitions to draw in loads more signatures from friends, family and colleagues:

The biotech industry's lifeline is GM animal feed. If they stop being able to sneak that into Europe because of proper labelling, then it'll stop the industry dead in its tracks.

Time to get active!

Hi Jonathan

GP in European countries are now gathering a million signatures to demand animal product labelling. Many organizations in EU countries are supporting this initiative.

In Sweden, environmental organizations and consumers organizations are helping to spread this message and many restaurants, cafes and food shops have the petition box near their cashiers. This link below is to the GP International site in English.

Hope you can use this and spread this to others. Thank for your help!


Subject: Greenpeace: What are you eating?
Cook up a storm at the European Commission!
Please sign the online petition here.

UPDATE: We now have over 600,000 signatures; please add yours to the growing list.

Genetically engineered animal feed is sneaking into the food chain.
Demand the right to say "no"!

Since April 2004 food produced via genetic engineering (GE) has to be labelled under EU law. But watch out !

Products derived from animals fed on GE feed such as eggs, milk and meat - are excluded from the labeling regime.

As a consequence consumers do not know if their eggs, milk and meat come from animals fed GE.

People should have the right to say "no" to genetic engineering. That's why Greenpeace is campaigning to close the loophole in the EU's GE labelling laws. Our aim is to collect massive support for a petition to the European Commission, which demands consumer labelling for products (milk,eggs, meat) derived from animals fed on GE feed.

Or even better: click here to get a printable version of this petition, talk about it with your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sign the petition as well.

Read more on:
Say no to genetic engineering


We demand mandatory labelling of animal products based on GMOs because of citizens' right to information, a fundamental right in the European Union. (in English)

Vet du vad du äter? Genmanipulerat djurfoder smyger sig in i näringsskedjan (in Swedish)


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