Genome scarmbling: new paper out (6/3/2006)

The following is from Dr Jonathan Latham of the Bioscience Resource Project. He's referring to the groundbreaking report Genome Scrambling - Myth or Reality? Transformation-Induced Mutations in Transgenic Crop Plants Technical Report - October 2004, Allison Wilson, PhD, Jonathan Latham, PhD, and Ricarda Steinbrecher, PhD.

Based on an extensive review of research, this report showed that the process of genetic engineering far from being precise, predictable, and safe, as claimed by GM advocates, actually results in widespread mutations within the inserted gene, near its insertion, and in hundreds or thousands of locations throughout the genome. These mutations are overlooked by many scientists and regulators even though they represent a significant potential risk to public health and the environment.

from Dr Latham:

Our (peer-reviewed) paper based on the Genome Scrambling-Myth or Reality report is now available (for free) at the open access journal:
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology 2006 p1-7 article ID 25376 available at

Title: The Mutational Consequences of Plant Transformation

It is briefer than the original report but covers most of the same ground.

You can read the abstract only at:
but it gives you the option of downloading the pdf of the whole thing for free

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