March for GMO-free regions 5th April 2006 - Vienna (9/3/2006)

NGO-March towards the EU-Conference "The Freedom of Choice", 4-6.April in Vienna

During the Austrian EU-Presidency in the fist six month of 2006 crucial decision for setting the course in the field of genetic engineering (co-existence within the EU, WTO-judgement) will be taken. The EU-conference on "genetically modified, conventional and organic crops", ironically called "The Freedom of Choice" will take place in Vienna from the 4th to the 6th of April 2006. It is envisaged as a conference of experts and politicians aiming at building the frame for coexistence. Reports of the EC-Commission as well as the different member states will be presented at this occasion. As there is a limited number of participants, only very few selected NGOs have been accredited.

Conference Invitation and Provisional programme (PDF, 2MB)

The NGO-understanding of "Freedom of choice" is different to that of the EU-Commission: Coexistence of GMO and GMO-free agriculture does not work on a small scale level, neither biologically nor economically. There is widespread public concern, that conventional and organically grown crops are successively contaminated by GMO. Therefore the NGOs demand a legal framework, that enables local or regional authorities to declare their territories as GMO-free regions.

The "March of GMO-free Regions" will be a big action, supported by many NGOs and individuals, to visualize the European-wide resistance against GMO. It is aimed to be a European-wide signal, by offering tangible and easy-to-understand-symbols to the international media as well as through the involvement of active NGOs from the whole Europe. NGOs, politicians, farmers and citizens of the different European countries will march towards the conference, under the banners and signs with the name of their region, country, city or village. They will carry local agricultural products, sometimes their local traditional clothing, symbols against genetic engineering and of our campaign against GMO.

The action is organised by a broad network of environmental NGOs, farmers associations and other organisations in Austria together with international NGOs and regional movements against GMO. As we want to symbolize the European regions, we very much rely on NGOs and individuals from all over Europe to take part in this action, whose success could be crucial for the future of GMO-free agriculture in Europe.

Event flyer in English (PDF)

Event flyer in German (PDF)

Event flyer in Italian (PDF)

Event flyer in Slovenian (PDF)

Travel arrangements:

Travel arrangements will have to be organised individually by the delegations from the regions and organisations. The organisation in Vienna will provide you with information on cheap accommodations facilities, on how to get to the site and with a set of useful contacts.

Below is a link to a cheap hostel close to the event. (Information in several languages available on the website)

Download a list of more accomodations here

Support and organisation:

The March is organised by a platform of NGOs, already including Greenpeace, FoEE, Attac, Global 2000, farmers associations, Greens and many regional organisations opposing GMO.

What we need from NGOs, regions, individuals all across Europe:

Please let us know, if and how many people from your region you are expecting to come?

How you are going to travel?

Who is the contact person in your organisation/ country/ region?

Do you propose a cultural contribution and/ or a speech to the program?

Please contact:
Michael Johann Plattform
"Gentechnikfreie Regionen und Länder"
[email protected]


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