Silo doors welded shut at GM soy supplier (28/3/2006)

1.Greenpeace target Swedish GM soy supplier
2.ACTION ALERT! Cook up a storm at the European Commission!

1.Greenpeace target Swedish GM soy supplier
Agence France Presse, March 23, 2006

Greenpeace activists blockaded a storage facility for genetically-modified, or GM, soy in Sweden Thursday, calling for a halt to its use as animal feed. According to a Greenpeace GM spokesperson the group had "welded shut the silo doors."

Greenpeace activists unfurled banners calling for a halt to genetic experiments on feed and erected signs around the Lantmaennen's facility in the south eastern city of Norrkoeping which read ”Warning contains GMO, genetically modified organisms."

Police made a brief appearance at the scene, but took no action, Greenpeace said.

A dozen protesters remained at the plant while other protesters travelled to Lantmaennen's head office in Stockholm to meet the company's managing director, Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg, who defended her company's policy.

Lantmaennen is one of Sweden's largest importers of animal feed with a turnover US $3.7 billion dollars in 2005.

According to a company spokesperson Lantmaennen's sale of GM animal feed complies with European and Swedish legislation.


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