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"We, the undersigned, believe that there should be no further appointments to the House of Lords until the current investigations have run their course; and the possibility of corruption has been removed from Westminster; and Parliament behaves with absolute propriety and is seen to behave with absolute propriety."

Yesterday questions were asked in Parliament about Lord Sainsbury and the latest sleaze row. The questions were put both to the Prime Minister and to one of his law officers.

Blair's only response was that Sainsbury was doing a good job - that "good job" involves prostituting our universities and scientific institutes to commercial interests.


In the latest sleaze row involving Tony Blair proposing peerages for undisclosed financial supporters of his Labour Party, some journalists have noted that financially supporting Blair may not just buy you a peerage but even a ministerial position!

And how's this for a coincidence? Of the top three individual donors to Blair's Party, two - Paul Drayson and David Sainsbury - are biotech entrepreneurs. Both have been made peers by Blair in controversial circumstances and both have been given jobs in government.

When Drayson, the former head of the BioIndustry Association, was made a peer, one newspaper commented, "It may be unkind to Lord Drayson to suggest that he effectively purchased a seat in parliament, but if the same thing happened in an African kleptocracy we might find it altogether less amusing."

And there's yet another biotech entrepreneur amongst the businessmen caught up in the latest scandal about concealed loans - Chris Evans. His firm, Merlin Biosciences, is currently under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

One Member of the Scottish Parliament has commented, "Just these three people show that the Labour Party are deeply indebted to these people and are therefore allowing biotech and GM entrepreneurs to shape the lives of millions of people throughout the UK."


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