Excellent articles in New York Times (6/6/2006)

Good to see the New York Times running a couple of excellent pieces that originally appeared in the International Herald Tribune.

Biotech Food Tears Rifts in Europe
New York Times

Questions on Biotech Crops With No Clear Answers New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/06/business/worldbusiness/06geneside.html

QUOTES FROM FIRST ARTICLE: "The first visit any new minister in Greece gets is from the U.S. ambassador saying you need to have GMOs. The pressure is incredible." - Theodore Koliopanos, a legislator and former deputy environment minister

"I started with an open mind on this, but now I think the answers are clear. If our market doesn't buy it, and insurers won't insure us, how can we grow it?" - Nikos Lappas, head of Greece's largest farmers' union


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