GM soy endagers Danube and the Delta (9/6/2006)

The cultivation of GM crops is due to be banned entirely in Romania from january 2007.


NGOs: genetically modified soy endangers Delta
Bucharest Daily News, June 9 2006

Non-government organizations Greenpeace Romania and Save the Danube and the Delta - Academia Catavencu yesterday held a conference aimed at drawing attention to the danger posed by genetically-modified soy in the Danube Delta area.

The organizations brought evidence that GM soy is illegally cultivated in the Delta region, habitat to over 1,600 species of plants and over 3,400 species of animals.

"Growing GM soy and using the extremely toxic herbicide Roundup Ready is a serious aggression" to the environment and people's health, said Greenpeace Romania spokeswoman Anamaria Bogdan.

A similar message was sent by the director of the Save the Danube and the Delta - Academia Catavencu, Dragos Bucurenci, who said it would not be long before cyanide is used in the Delta reserve.

"Before the Ukrainians bring to an end their Bastroe canal project, Romanians compete with each other in unconsciously destroying the most valuable treasure of the country," Bucurenci said.

Starting with January 2006, a government ordinance forbade the growing of genetically-modified plants in the protected areas and across on a perimeter of 15 kilometers around these regions. However, the NGO representatives said such plants were cultivated only 9 kilometers from the protected areas in the Delta. Samples of soy from the culture were taken to a certified lab in Austria and the results said the soy was genetically modified.

The head of the Administration of the Reservation in the Delta Danube Biosphere, Grigore Baboianu, said his institution will carry out controls in the area to make sure genetically-modified plants are not cultivated illegally.


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