Protest deregulation of rogue rice - LL601 (27/8/2006)

From Dr Brian John

There is no limit to the skulduggery of the GM corporations -- and Bayer is the latest one to show its skills in the avoidance of responsibility. It wants [its unapproved GM rice now contaminating US rice] LL601 "deregulated" at high speed, thereby making the variety perfectly OK and transforming it from a contaminant to an administrative oversight. We have protested to Mr Hoffman at APHIS -- please join us as a matter of urgency...... his e-mail address is below.

Thanks all!

Neil Hoffman

Email: [email protected]

24th August 2004

Dear Neil

We have just seen this item on the APHIS web site, and we have quickly examined the linked petition file. We note that Bayer have now (22 August 2006) applied for the deregulation of LLRICE601, which is currently in the media spotlight following the revelations of widespread contamination of long grain rice supplies in the southern states of the USA. This is a cynical action on the part of Bayer, since LL601 is clearly a failed variety which has never been demonstrated to be either uniform or stable. If APHIS connives in this retrospective deregulation of this variety, that would also be a cynical and deeply offensive act which would endanger public safety.

So far as we can see, Bayer has provided no evidence why the deregulation of LL601 should automatically follow the deregulation of LL06 and LL62. If you have such evidence from the company, we will be grateful if you would immediately send it to us as an Email attachment.

Please register our strong protest against the deregulation of LLRICE601, and inform us of the procedure now to be followed. We wish to be informed of any further developments in this case.

With many thanks

Dr Brian John
GM Free Cymru
SA42 0QN
Tel: 044- 1239-820470
Petition no:

06-234-01p Bayer CropScience
Reg Article: Rice HT-Phosphinothricin tolerant
Received: 22-AUG-2006
Status: Pending
Bayer CropScience
Glufosinate tolerant

*** Extension of Petition Number: Under 7CFR 340.6(e) a person may request that APHIS extend a determination of non-regulated status to other organisms based on their similarity of the previously deregulated article. This column lists the previously granted pet


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