Moratorium - Scotland's new GM policy (20/7/2007)

GM Watch comment: It's interesting to note that while the biotech industry and Australia's pro-GM federal government appear to be having some success in pressurising Australia's State governments into reconsidering their GM moratoriums, in the UK things are going in exactly the opposite direction.

Below is the GM Policy of the new Scottish administration, as reflected on their website. There are now also parties involved in the new administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland that have long been opposed to GM crops. Meanwhile, the new government in the neighbouring Republic of Ireland has committed itself to a vision of the whole island of Ireland being completely GM-free.


The Executive's intention is to maintain a moratorium on the planting of GM crops in Scotland. GM crops are not grown in Scotland and we believe this respects the wishes of Scottish consumers who want local, high-quality produce. Scotland has a wonderful and varied environment, rich in biodiversity and we do not wish to jeopardise this.


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