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Source: AS-PTA Bulletin no. 359 - 08/31/2007

4. Open letter to Colombia's scientific and business community

Over 130 participants of the Latin American Agroecological Scientific Congress held on August 13 and 15  in Colombia, published an open letter opposing the Colombian government's authorization allowing the multinationals Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta to commercially plant "controlled" transgenic maize and cotton, in the Colombian Alto Magdalena and Valle del Cauca. regions.

The congress's participants denounced that the transgenics will cause irreversible environmental, social, cultural and economic consequences in medium and long terms and attempt against the human rights of the great majority of the population.

Read the full letter in

1. Sanitary Vigilance confiscates food with OGMs

[Brazil] Health Secretary's Sanitary Vigilance confiscates food with OGMs. Inspectors of the sanitary vigilance from the Secretary of Health, discovered that soya protein made by the Rio Grande do Sul  company "Solae Brasil", was being commercialized in a shop of natural products, without the transgenic label. A sample was taken and analyzed in laboratories in the State of Paraná and INCQS/Fiocruz in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The product was confiscated.

"Inspections of processed food with transgenic soya are being made in the whole State of Paraná, following a legal ruling that assures the consumer the right of information regarding the existence of OGMs in food products", explains Alvaro Rychuv, coordinator of the Technical Group for Food Labelling of the Parana State's government.

Source: Bem Parana, 08/28/2007.

AS-PTA Bulletin no. 359 – 08/31/2007


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