Testing finds GMOs in baby food and organics (28/9/2007)

Testing finds GMOs in soy products including baby food and organics

GN-Free-world, 27 September 2007.
Message sent by Christiane L¸st, Aktion GEN-Klage, Germany
Abstract and translation: Giuseppina Pagano, Food & Water Watch

This is the result of a test carried out by the German magazine "Focus".

33 soy products were tested (3 packages of each product). In two thirds of all products tested there was at least one package per product that contained GMOs.

The highest value was found in powder food for babies with cow milk allergy.

It has not been sufficiently demonstrated yet what the exact impacts of GMOs are on human health. However, GMOs are under the suspicion of triggering allergies or even promoting antibiotic resistance, as many plants are engineered to be resistant to antibiotics.

Read the article: http://www.focus.de/gesundheit/ernaehrung/news/oekotest_aid_133726.html


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