GM corn evaluation not "rigorous" science (24/10/2007)

NOTE: Dr. Domisse is a former GM scientist who worked for nearly a decade at New Zealand's state-owned research institute Crop and Food and its predecessor, the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.


(Letter) NZ Listener, Oct 27 2007

In the article (Feeding Frenzy, October 13-19) on the GM corn LY038, which has been modified to produce much higher amounts of the amino acid lysine, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) has this to say: 'All foods contain hazards, usually in the form of natural toxins or micro-organisms. None of the hazards identified for LY038 are unique to that GM variety'.

Unique compared to what? To another GM variety. They've taken one scrambled set of DNA and compared it with another, scrambled in a different way.

Every scientist in this field should have been trained to compare a novel GM organism with its non-GM 'parent' or counterpart. End of story. To compare a nutritionally altered GM corn with another GM corn is simply not acceptable or 'rigorous' science.

Elvira Dommisse (Dr)


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