Peter Lutman

Dr Peter Lutman is Head of the Weed Ecology Research Group at Rothamstead Research. Rothamstead Research (formerly IACR) are part of a consortium of 3 research groups which carried out the UK government's farm-scale trials on 3 GM crops. Lutman was a co-author of a report to the government on the progress of the trials.

Lutman also works for CropGen, an initiative launched by the biotechnology industry to 'make the case for GM crops'. Another scientist from Rothamstead, Dr Nigel Halford is also part of CropGen as is ex-Rothamstead scientist, Dr Guy Poppy. Scientists on the CropGen panel are paid 'honoraria' for their work as panel members.

Lutman is  also the Technical Secretary of the BCPC (formerly known as the British Crop Protection Council) Research & Development Sub-committee (Weeds). The BCPC's corporate members include the Crop Protection Association, comprising all the majoe agrochemical/GM companies such as Bayer, BASF, Dow, Monsanto and Syngenta.


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