Julian Morris

With Roger Bate, Julian Morris is co-director of the environment and technology programme of the rightwing think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs .

Morris is also director of the International Policy Network (Bate is a Fellow), where Kendra Okonski works. Morris is among the contributors to an IPN book edited by Okonski which attacks the Kyoto protocol. The book's other contributors include several who connect to Morris and who have been active in the GM debate - Martin Livermore, Barun Mitra and Philip Stott

Morris has been a key contributor to several BBC programmes raising questions about organic food. One of these programmes ('Counterblast', BBC 2, 31 Jan 2000) was presented by Roger Bate in his then role as director of the European Science and Environment Forum (ESEF) . As far as viewers knew, Morris had no connection with ESEF, but an ESEF domain inquiry prior to the website's removal revealed otherwise:

Registrant: European Science and Environment Forum (ESEF-DOM) UK
Domain Name: ESEF.ORG
Administrative Contact: Morris, Julian  (JM4309)  [email protected]
European Science and Environment Forum, Kersfield Road, London SW15 3HE

This suggests ESEF may, like the IEA's Environment Unit, have been synonymous with Bate and Morris.  Bate and Morris also co-edited a book, Fearing Food: Risk, Health and the Environment, amongst whose contributors is Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute. Avery has been at the heart of the anti-organic campaign. Bate and Morris appear unembarrassed by the dubious nature of Avery’s claims, repeating them in the BBC programmes they contributed to and using them in a publicity stunt to launch their book.    



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