Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert was founded in 1977 and describes itself as a 'national, non-profit, non-partisan, membership organization for people concerned about the excessive growth of government regulation at the national and state levels.' It says it 'is dedicated to informing the public of the consumer benefits of competitive enterprise and to promoting sound economic, scientific, and risk data in public policy decisions. Consumer Alert does work in the areas of biotech, trade, pesticides, agriculture subsidies, and labeling .' (emphasis added) 

Its Executive Director is Frances (Fran) Smith, the wife of the President and Founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Fred Smith.

Consumer Alert has consistently lobbied against the labelling of GM foods. Fran Smith has also attacked the Biosafety Protocol.

On its advisory board it has Elizabeth Whelan, director of the American Council on Science and Health , and Henry Miller , Senior Research Fellow of the Hoover Institution .

Consumer Alert is also a leading member of the National Consumer Coalition and its Food Group , which is constituted by Consumer Alert, The Competitive Enterprise Institute , The Center for Global Food Issues  - a project of the Hudson Institute , and The American Council on Science and Health .

The Consumer Alert website includes articles by Henry Miller, Michael Fumento and Fran Smith. It also published an early version of CS Prakash's 'declaration of support' for 'agricultural biotechnology', which it helped to launch and in which its sister organisation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, played a key role. Amonst the signatories is an employee of Monsanto's Internet PR conpany Bivings who registered the website of the fake agricultural institute, the Center for Food and Agricultural Research

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