Thomas R. DeGregori

Thomas DeGregori is a professor of economics at the University of Houston, specialising in the role of technology in economic development and food production.   

DeGregori was a  Consultant to USAID and a member of its Research Advisory Committee (1987 to 1993).   

He is a board member of the American Council on Science and Health and a frequent contributor to its webzine. He is also a keen supporter of CS Prakash's AgBioWorld campaign and a regular contributor to Prakash's AgBioView e-mail list where he has expressed his strong support for the ideas of other frequent contributors such as Alex Avery and 'Andura Smetacek', later shown to be an e-mail front used by Monsanto to vilify its critics:    

...In sum, I have one word for your comments - MAGNIFICENT! Keep on posting your comments.
Tom DeGregori

(From: Tom DeGregori [email protected]­, Subject: Re: AGBIOVIEW: Stossel ,
Archive: Message #689, Date: August 8, 2000 )

DeGregori is the author of the book, Bountiful Harvest (October 2002 - Cato Institute) which has been described as 'debunking the myths of frankenfood'. According to the blurb, 'In this provocative new book, Thomas R. DeGregori debunks anti-science environmental activists, and lays out the case for employing modern technology in modern agriculture. DeGregori argues that innovations such as bioengineered foods have increased life expectancy, crop yields and generally improved human well-being.' 

Among his published articles are:  

In defense of DDT and against chemophobia
Source: University of Houston Rockwell Lecture Series

Genetically modified nonsense
Source: The Institute of Economic Affair

DNA and reductionist science
Source: Cato Institute     

According to  DeGregori in his paper Genetically modified nonsense, in Europe 'much of the public, if not a majority, have been thoroughly brainwashed on this issue and frightened to the point of opposition to all uses of bioengineering in agriculture.'


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