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31/12/2003 'GM Food and Hunger: A View from the South'/Gene Campaign's 2-day symposium - findings
31/12/2003 INDIA: 'Genetic engineering not an answer to hunger' - Devinder Sharma's new book and latest article
31/12/2003 Judge OKs genetically modified crop ban vote
31/12/2003 Mix-up leaves biotech project at CSUS withering on the vine
30/12/2003 Contamination and law
30/12/2003 Iowa State University researchers test consumer acceptance of GM food
29/12/2003 Nuffield report about job security for the rich, not food security for the poor - Devinder Sharma
29/12/2003 Tewolde Egziabher responds to Nuffield's Corporate Trawling Seed Net
29/12/2003 The Wisdom Of Animals
28/12/2003 Britain 'has moral duty to fund GM research'
28/12/2003 No one hears us. Kindly tell our agonies to your scientists
26/12/2003 Biotech giants launch lawsuit against a GM-free Mendocino
23/12/2003 Save Our Seeds news roundup
19/12/2003 Six UK GM seed applications withdrawn by Bayer
19/12/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 52
18/12/2003 Biotech PR taking a new twist
18/12/2003 Prince's influence 'bars science honours'
18/12/2003 Royal Society, Spiked etc. versus the "conspiracy theorists"
18/12/2003 Uganda's President Museveni says 'no' to GMO imports
18/12/2003 Winston attacked by the Usual Suspects
17/12/2003 Growing human organs on the farm
17/12/2003 NGIN gets award but where’s the money???!
16/12/2003 Cows die mysteriously on farm in Hesse/Animals Avoid GM Food
15/12/2003 Lula told not to genuflect to multinationals / Zambia exporting (non-GM!) maize
15/12/2003 Pusztai papers - lots of links
15/12/2003 The business of world hunger
13/12/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 51
12/12/2003 Philip Stott - the fake persona
12/12/2003 Sense About Science showcased on BBC
12/12/2003 Useful summary of Benbrook report on GM and pesticide use
12/12/2003 Western Australia may adopt blanket GM crops ban
11/12/2003 Advisor to the Government/Concentration camp defender is now GM expert
11/12/2003 Berkeley accused of biotech bias as ecologist is denied tenure
11/12/2003 Chapela and tenure/Pulse of Scientific Freedom
11/12/2003 GM farm trial scientist’s prejudices
11/12/2003 Sense About Science - The Full Monty
11/12/2003 Taverne attacks AEBC / Robert Winston regrets signing Blair letter
10/12/2003 A lady in London and Ignacio Chapela
10/12/2003 Blair should declare martial law - Scientific Alliance founder
10/12/2003 Replies to Monbiot from Usual Suspects
9/12/2003 'An affront to the truth' - the director of the Science Media Centre
9/12/2003 Drug-producing GM plants need more research
9/12/2003 Invasion of the entryists - GM lobbyists exposed
9/12/2003 UK defeat on move to widen GM food sales
5/12/2003 Chapela's tenure denied - "Pulse of Scientific Freedom" - watch worldwide
5/12/2003 Food Standards Agency must do more to protect public health
5/12/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 50
4/12/2003 Biotech Boom Linked to Development Dollars - Critics
4/12/2003 Italy to set up tighter barriers against GMO imports
3/12/2003 Prakash says Benbrook's research "pseudo-scientific"
2/12/2003 Argentina: The catastrophe of GM soya
2/12/2003 Mugged by the science mafia
2/12/2003 Schmeiser and patents/Campaign against patents on life
2/12/2003 US Health Secretary links GM acceptance to help with AIDS in Africa
2/12/2003 Weeding out the skilled farmer
1/12/2003 GM rice stopped in Japan
1/12/2003 Pusztai in America
1/12/2003 Traces of contaminated grain still showing up in corn supply