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30/6/2003 Monsanto does a RiceTec, patents Indian wheat/Japan suspects Indian sugarcane might be GM, etc.
29/6/2003 English Nature warns of superweed catastrophe
29/6/2003 Genetically Modifying Science
29/6/2003 GM crops touted to fight poverty
29/6/2003 GM-free food 'is contaminated'/US-based multinationals holding
29/6/2003 Organics for Health - what Krebs refuses to acknowledge
29/6/2003 Professor camps out in protest at UC Berkeley
29/6/2003 Protesters wreck GM crops & other tales
29/6/2003 US retaliation against Egypt over WTO case
28/6/2003 Bending it unlike Beckham: From Pomato to Protato
28/6/2003 Public Say No to GMOs in polls worldwide
28/6/2003 Share slump brings biotech firms to government's door
28/6/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 31
27/6/2003 Europeans not amused by Bush's rhetoric
27/6/2003 Of 'sound science' and fairytales
27/6/2003 Pusztai in Paris/Chicken study url
27/6/2003 Trade Wars and Media Campaigns - a powerful new analysis
27/6/2003 US agriculture czar for Iraq lied on corporate connections
26/6/2003 Approval could cost the taxpayers millions in clean-up costs
26/6/2003 Bush “Smooth-tongued salesman for American biotech" – Kenyan editorial
26/6/2003 Chapela begins Berkeley protest over tenure case
26/6/2003 GMOs not answer to poverty/Hunger in Africa – New study
26/6/2003 Protests hit campus/Clashes smaller but sharper; tab could exceed $2 million
25/6/2003 Beauty and fear mark Day 3 in Sacramento
25/6/2003 Bush to NGOs: Watch Your Mouths
25/6/2003 Ethiopia wary of GM seeds
25/6/2003 Farmers dump GMO corn to protest U.S. promotion of biotechnology
25/6/2003 New study says European farmers would earn $1 billion a year from GMOs
25/6/2003 Royal Society launch attack on Michael Meacher
25/6/2003 Science wars over GM foods - Pusztai/FSA/Morley/Monsanto...
25/6/2003 That speech/EU Says Bush Accusations on Biotech Policy Untrue
24/6/2003 Global Ag Ministers Assemble for Biotech Promotion
24/6/2003 Protesters March on Global Food Conference
23/6/2003 'Black Group Praises Bush' over GM crops
23/6/2003 Bush says Europe must allow GM foods and other stories
23/6/2003 Meacher says ACRE, Krebs and King biased on GM
23/6/2003 Protesters Swarm Calif. Biotech Meeting
22/6/2003 'Superweeds' signal setback for GM crops
22/6/2003 Blair buried health warning on GM crops, says sacked minister
22/6/2003 Government determined to sell GM food to consumers
22/6/2003 Jose Bove back in jail/Unfair America/Protests begin for biotech conference
22/6/2003 Monsanto's home town police suppressed dissent against biotech
21/6/2003 Indian farmers are not pirates – Monsanto is a polluter
21/6/2003 Michael Meacher: Are GM crops safe? Who can say? Not Blair
20/6/2003 Africans Challenge Bush Claim that GM Food Good for Them
20/6/2003 Australian farmers fear future without GM food ban
20/6/2003 Coalition of the unwilling "weak and on shaky ground"
20/6/2003 Killer Tomatoes head for California crop summit
20/6/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 30
20/6/2003 Two Studies Challenge Integrity of Biotechnology
20/6/2003 US takes battle to Brazil/Risks too great to use GM virus
20/6/2003 Wheat board mulls legal action against Monsanto
19/6/2003 Chapela joins the great debate/Quist interview
19/6/2003 Monsanto's PR firm astroturfing again!
19/6/2003 Traditional wheat breeder fights for funding
19/6/2003 U.S. policing of biotech crops denounced and other stories
18/6/2003 China: Consumers push GM food off shelves
18/6/2003 Lord Sainsbury tells Prince Charlie: Keep your nose out
18/6/2003 Seeds more risky than pollen for GM escape
18/6/2003 Sudan: Government reviewing policy on GM food imports
18/6/2003 The Independent Science Panel has a website & other news
18/6/2003 US biotechnology industry lost $11.6 billion in 2002
17/6/2003 France’s Chirac says not yet ready to accept GMOs
17/6/2003 GM food companies 'driven by profit not health'/No human safety testing - it's official
17/6/2003 Planting lies?
17/6/2003 Scottish Agricultural College Study on GM technology?
17/6/2003 Selling Food . Health . Hope: the real story behind Monsanto Corporation Part 1
17/6/2003 Selling Food . Health . Hope: the real story behind Monsanto Corporation Part 2
17/6/2003 USAID starts $14.8 mill programme to fight Cartagena Protocol
16/6/2003 Test GM on humans to assess risks, urges Meacher
14/6/2003 Anger at BBC reporting out of India/Role of Pallab Ghosh questioned
13/6/2003 Biotech Firms Running Out of Money
13/6/2003 Debate, what debate?
13/6/2003 Genetic Engineering Newsletter 42, May 2003
13/6/2003 GM, food aid and Africa - Why GM crops are particularly dangerous/Who is getting fed?
13/6/2003 Leave it to the experts?
13/6/2003 Monsanto – selling Food.Health.Hope
13/6/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 29
12/6/2003 Are GMOs being regulated or not?
12/6/2003 Do GM crops ruin farm soil?
12/6/2003 Great debate - Jacko on Glasgow/Monbiot on Monsanto (Mk II)/The view from Europe/and more
12/6/2003 More on lies about GM Potato to solve 3rd World Hunger
12/6/2003 Still more PRotato - Guardian piece
11/6/2003 'Seed experts allay fears over use of Bt cotton'
11/6/2003 Biotech's Hall of Mirrors/Unraveling the Secret of Life
11/6/2003 Creation of Europe's first GMO-free bioregion
11/6/2003 Enslaved by Free Trade/Poor Nations Suffer
11/6/2003 Genetic Crossroads #31
11/6/2003 GM potato report is a hoax
11/6/2003 Quotes from members of the Independent Science Panel on GM
10/6/2003 Campaigners vow to destroy all GM crops
10/6/2003 GM crops 'good for developing countries'
10/6/2003 Majority of Britain's farmers oppose GM crops
10/6/2003 Monsanto to begin GM corn trials in India soon
10/6/2003 Non-GMO premiums on the rise this year
10/6/2003 Spread of transgenes 'a great threat'
9/6/2003 Collapse of the Biotech Empire/New Global Food Fight
9/6/2003 Comical Praki takes a joke/Crazy dang Brits
9/6/2003 Jacko vs Trewavas/Hundreds are denied access to GM meetings
9/6/2003 Now Sudan bans GM food imports - US pressure
8/6/2003 Full summary of the Independent Science Panel Conference
8/6/2003 GM crops? Not in my backfield - Observer debate
8/6/2003 GM feed alert over organic chickens
8/6/2003 Satheesh replies to Chris Lamb/Failure of the GMOs in India - Vandana Shiva article
8/6/2003 Supermarkets tell Blair: we won't stock GM
8/6/2003 Tom Hayden on the GM trade war and globalisation
6/6/2003 GMWATCH number 10
6/6/2003 New study and film show farmers suffered severe losses from GM cotton
6/6/2003 Research station's gates locked in protest over GM wheat
5/6/2003 "Strike the Fiercest Blow Against Monsanto"
5/6/2003 Advice on the Prakash list
5/6/2003 Brazilian Activists Invade 3rd Farm Owned by Monsanto
5/6/2003 Comical Praki says, "I'm the joker in the pack!"
5/6/2003 EU Lawmakers Ratify UN Protocol On Trade In GMOs
5/6/2003 GM mirage will not help the poor
5/6/2003 UK GM debate - tense start
5/6/2003 US denounced for GM conditional support for anti-AIDS programs
5/6/2003 Weed Could Cost Farmers Millions to Fight
3/6/2003 'Gene Revolution' a Bane to Filipino Farmers
3/6/2003 Bush's evangelising about food chills European hearts
3/6/2003 GM a disaster/Property values threatened - RICS
3/6/2003 Pusztai's chapter on Human Health Effects of GM foods available
3/6/2003 US is World's Stingiest Donor - Guardian leader
2/6/2003 Bush sinks Africa in politics of spite/The great GM crops debate
1/6/2003 Coming soon - Nanotech event/Ethics Cafes launched
1/6/2003 Ministers try to stop labels for GM food
1/6/2003 U.S. wheat supply already contaminated