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the people and the front groups making up the LM

The LM network promote an extreme libertarian ideology - no restrictions on paedophilia, race hate etc. - and eulogise technologies like nuclear power, genetic engineering and human cloning.

In order to punch above their weight, they often hide their affiliations and engage in infiltration of media organisations; or operate via front groups or by colonising existing lobby groups.

The groups

The primary channels for promoting the network's ideology, after their LM magazine was sued out of existence, are Spiked-online and the Institute of Ideas (IoI).

Colonised lobby groups include Sense About Science, the Genetic Interest Group, Progress, and the Science Media Centre .

Over the years they have also been accused of setting up a series of their own front groups:

  • Africa Direct - denying the genocide in Rwanda  
  • Audacity.org - no restraints on devolopment, no to sustainability
  • Campaign Against Militarism (CAM) - no to military intervention
  • Families for Freedom - risks to children are grossly exaggerated
  • Feminists for Justice - no laws on date rape
  • Freedom & Law - no to state intervention
  • Global Futures -concerns about risk are greatly exaggerated
  • Internet Freedom - no restrictions on paedophilia, race hate etc.
  • Irish Freedom Movement (IFM) - no to the peace process
  • Libero! - libertarian football supporters!
  • The Litigious Society - no to a 'compensation culture'
  • London International Research Exchange (LIRE) - denying Serb nationalist atrocities
  • Maverick Club - yes to dinner and 'debate'
  • Transport Research Group - yes to big roads
  • Workers Against Racism (WAR) - no to all immigration controls
  • WORLDwrite - anti-green gap years and school exchange

The people

Names to watch out for:

  • Duleep Allirajah (aka Joe White)  
  • Yasmin Anwar
  • Daniel Ben-Ami (aka Daniel Nassim)
  • Hazel Biggs
  • Mark Birbeck (aka Mark Butler)
  • Jan Bowman
  • Jennie Bristow
  • Adam Burgess
  • Andrew Calcutt
  • Aidan Campbell (aka Andrew Clarkson)
  • Barrie Collins (aka Barry Crawford)
  • John Conroy
  • Dolan Cummings
  • Stuart Derbyshire
  • Ceri Dingle
  • Martin Durkin
  • Martin Earnshaw
  • John Fitzpatrick
  • Michael Fitzpatrick (aka Mike Freeman)
  • Claire Fox (aka Claire Foster)
  • Fiona Fox (aka Fiona Foster)
  • Frank Furedi (aka Frank Richards)
  • Ann Furedi (aka Ann Bradley, Ann Burton)
  • John Gillott (aka John Gibson)
  • Helene Guldberg
  • Timandra Harkness
  • James Heartfield (aka James Hughes)
  • Adam Hibbert
  • Sara Hinchliffe
  • Mick Hume
  • Joseph (Joe) Kaplinsky
  • Eve Kaye (aka Eve Anderson)
  • Pandora Kaye
  • Tiffany Jenkins
  • Rob Killick (aka Rob Knight)
  • Manjit Kumar
  • Ellie Lee, Pro-Choice Forum
  • Kirk Leech (aka Kirk Williams)
  • Jan Macvarish
  • Kenan Malik
  • Tessa Mayes
  • Ken McLaughlin
  • Kate Moorcock
  • Phil Mullan (aka Phil Murphy)
  • Brendan O'Neill
  • Dave Perks
  • Martyn Perks
  • Joan Hoey (aka Joan Phillips)
  • Helen Reece
  • Linda Ryan
  • Mark Ryan
  • Helen Searls (aka Helen Simons)
  • Sandy Starr (aka Alexander Starr)
  • Keith Teare (aka Keith Tompson)
  • Bruno Waterfield
  • Austin Williams
  • James Woodhuysen (aka James Woods)


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LM network -history in brief

1970s -Trotskyist faction ejected from International Socialists, further splinters into the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)

late-80s - RCP establishes monthly review Living Marxism

early-90s - RCP begins infiltration of academic and media circles

mid-90s - Living Marxism title changed to LM

2000 - LM forced to close after it loses libel case

2000 - LM's ex-editor launches Spiked website

2000 - LM's co-publisher, Claire Fox, launches Institute of Ideas

2001 - Long-time LM contributor, Fiona Fox, becomes Director of the Science Media Centre

2002 - LM/Spiked/Institute of Ideas contributor becomes Director of Sense About Science

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