Bill Durodiť

Bill Durodié is a member of the advisory board of the Scientific Alliance and he also  describes himself as an 'Advisor to the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office Strategy Unit study "The Costs and Benefits of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops." ' This study formed the economic strand that complemented the UK government's Public Debate on GM crops which culminated in 2003.  

Durodié is also a Senior Research Fellow & Project Co-ordinator for the Domestic Management of Terrorist Attacks Programme, at the Centre for Defence Studies, which is part of the International Policy Institute at King's College London. He also says he has, 'Worked as a European advisor within both the private and public sectors, including a secondment to the Government Office for London'.  

On behalf of King's College London, Durodié organised the conference Communicating the War on Terror, which took place at the Royal Institution in June 2003. Among those chairing sessions at the two day event were Fiona Fox (director of the Science Media Centre ) and Bruno Waterfield. Like Durodié, both have been contributors to the magazine LM, formerly Living Marxism . Among the conference speakers were Frank Furedi, Phil Hammond, Michael Fitzpatrick and Mick Hume, all of whom connect to LM and the Revolutionary Communist Party out of which it emerged. Another LM contributor, Ellen Raphael, the Assistant Director of Sense About Science , assisted Durodié with organising the event.

The fact that all these people had long term connections to each other and have been part of the same extreme political network does not appear to have been disclosed to those attending the conference. It can hardly be considered irrelevant given that the Revolutionary Communist Party , contributors to LM/Living Marxism , and the RCP's front group, the Irish Freedom Movement, which Fiona Fox at one time headed, all supported the 'armed struggle' in Northern Ireland, and refused to condemn any of the acts of terror of the IRA. They also, after the IRA announced their cease-fire, opposed the peace process and  LM provided a platform for dissident republican views in articles written by Fox (under her alias Fiona Foster). 

Durodié himself frequently cites the RCP's chief ideologist, Frank Furedi, in his publications, and has contributed to all the network's main platforms: LM, Spiked and the Institute of Ideas

Many of Durodié 's papers have been published by far right think tanks, eg the Competitive Enterprise Institute (Poisonous Propaganda) and the European Science and Environment Forum (Poisonous Dummies), or by Living Marxism network connected groups, eg the Institute of Ideas (Can we trust the experts?) and Audacity.org (Society loses when the polluter is made to pay).


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