Ellen Raphael

Ellen Raphael is the Assistant Director of the controversial pro-GM lobby group Sense About Science. The Director is Tracey Brown .

Raphael has a Masters degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury (UKC). While there she wrote an article for the magazine LM (formerly Living Marxism), to which Brown, who also studied at UKC where she was a research associate of the sociologist Frank Furedi, has also contributed. All three are part of what might be termed the Living Marxism network.

Both Brown and Raphael, prior to working for Sense About Science, worked for the PR company Regester Larkin (see profile), which numbers several biotech corporations amongst its clients. One of Raphael's colleagues was former Monsanto man, Harry Swan. Prior to Regester Larkin , Raphael worked for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service whose current Chief Executive is Ann Furedi, the wife of Frank Furedi 

The phone number for Sense About Science is shared by the 'publishing house' Global Futures. The only publication listed on the Global Futures website is a paper by Frank Furedi.  According to the Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission, the contact person for Global Futures is Raphael: 

Charity Correspondent ELLEN RAPHAEL
P O BOX 138
ME13 8LW
Email Address
[email protected]
Website Address www.futureproof.org

Global Futures' two trustees, Phil Mullan and Michael Fitzpatrick, were both regular contributors to LM and are, like Furedi, core members of the LM network. Fitzpatrick is also on the Board of Trustees of Sense About Science . Mullan is the registrant of the Spiked-online website. Spiked is edited by Mick Hume the former editor of LM .

Raphael was among those who helped Tony Gilland organise the Institute of Ideas ' Genes and Society Festival . She also assisted Bill Durodie in organising a conference on communicating about terrorism at the Royal Institution. As with the Genes and Society Festival, the series of speakers, like Frank Furedi, and session chairs, like Fiona Fox, who had long-term LM connections, were not identified as such to fellow participants.

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