Graydon Forrer

Graydon (Graydy) Forrer is managing director of Life Sciences Strategies, a company that specializes in 'communications programmes for the bio-science industries' yet curiously appears not to have an online presence. It has also been listed among the clients of the Bivings Group - an Internet PR company that numbers Monsanto among its clients.   

Forrer has previously been a director of consumer affairs at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a fact that is regularly included in his self-description. What is rarely mentioned is the fact that he is also Monsanto's former director of executive communications, where he worked alongside Phillip Angell and Jay Byrne.  For instance, in a report launched in September 2000, Organic Industry Groups Spread Fear for Profit (later reissued as Marketing and the Organic Food Industry ), which was co-authored with Alex Avery, a 20-line biography makes no reference to the Monsanto PR connection.

Forrer is known to have been working for Monsanto in early autumn 1999. On 10th Nov 1999 he registered the website foodsecurity.net. However, nothing on the site - the main content of which is pro-GM articles - indicates Forrer's involvement. Foodsecurity.net presents itself rather as 'an independent, non-profit coalition of people throughout the world'. 

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