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30/11/2007 Councils have power to stop GM crops in Australia
30/11/2007 Lies, corruption and vested interest driving GM in Oz
29/11/2007 "Independent review" was PR exercise that will hurt farmers
29/11/2007 "Wormy" corn paper called "fraudulent" again
29/11/2007 EU health chief sees no move on GMO zero tolerance
29/11/2007 Indo-US deal bad for farmers
29/11/2007 Nuts, negligence and character assassination
29/11/2007 Seeds of doubt in Australia
28/11/2007 "GM Canola will be everywhere"
28/11/2007 Farmers threaten legal action over GM crops
28/11/2007 Greenpeace rains on EFB's parade
28/11/2007 Pennsylvania backing down on GM hormone labels?
28/11/2007 Premier comes a cropper with GM claim
28/11/2007 Superb overview of Oz GM ban issues
27/11/2007 $500,000 fine over biotech bentgrass
27/11/2007 Eating GM foods is a health risk
27/11/2007 Furore as ban on crops lifted
27/11/2007 King exaggerates GM progress
27/11/2007 Nukes, GMOs and dead badgers - David King's policy wish list
27/11/2007 Seeds of destruction sown in Australia
26/11/2007 A Bad Seed In The Bag - Indo-US deal on agriculture
26/11/2007 Germany calls for moratorium on GM crops
26/11/2007 Germany calls for review of how EU approves new biotech crops
26/11/2007 GM Plants Spread Genes into Wild Relatives
26/11/2007 Journal 'sets up' scientist for brutal attack
26/11/2007 Labor MPs fight to keep GM ban
25/11/2007 "Italian field trials results suppressed"
25/11/2007 Holyrood bid to ban GM crops in Europe
25/11/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 235
24/11/2007 Legal warning on GM canola
24/11/2007 The GM potato war
23/11/2007 Brumby faces caucus revolt over GM crops
23/11/2007 Corporations, agrofuels and GM seeds
23/11/2007 Disclose biosafety data of GM crops
22/11/2007 Company Research on Genetically Modified Foods is Rigged
22/11/2007 Jonathon Porritt slams Taverne's "GM escapism"
22/11/2007 Please support Prof Christian Velot
22/11/2007 Rethinking agriculture - Colin Tudge
22/11/2007 Supermarket giant speaks out against GM crops
22/11/2007 The Last Days of Mexican Corn
22/11/2007 UC/BP Pact Worries Critics
21/11/2007 Bush's Ag Secretary Nominee is GMO Shill
21/11/2007 Engineered corn proves easy to swallow
21/11/2007 EU officials propose ban on GM corn seeds
21/11/2007 GM rice found in Sweden and China
21/11/2007 Modified forests could severely impact natural land
21/11/2007 Revolution on ice - responses to Taverne
21/11/2007 Supreme Court issues notice on GM imports
20/11/2007 2008: Ban-GMOs Year - Call for global participation
20/11/2007 A Bitter Harvest
20/11/2007 BS-free milk
20/11/2007 GMO films on YouTube
20/11/2007 Re: Letter attacking PNAS study "misleading"
20/11/2007 The secret GM invasion
20/11/2007 We don't need GM to improve our diet
19/11/2007 Democrats to bid to extend GM ban in South Australia
19/11/2007 GM's Trojan horse threatens humanity's food supply
19/11/2007 Letter attacking PNAS study "misleading"
19/11/2007 MONATSRÜCKBLICK Nr. 50 - Deutsche Ausgabe
18/11/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 234
17/11/2007 Farmers and scientists unite to decry GMOs
17/11/2007 Good Crop / Bad Crop - seed politics in Canada
17/11/2007 Is genetic engineering morally acceptable?
16/11/2007 Cloned foods approach shelves, opposition increases
16/11/2007 GM only way of solving Britain's dietary shortcomings, scientists claim
16/11/2007 Hawaiian king, US presidential candidates and Irish Senators reject GM
16/11/2007 Silent Invasion - New report / Take action
15/11/2007 Genetically Engineered Organisms, Are They Safe?
15/11/2007 Milk, cheese and pork "are being invaded by GM"
15/11/2007 More on farmer suicides and "Let Biotech Crops Bloom!"
15/11/2007 UC Berkeley officially enters Faustian deal with oil giant BP
15/11/2007 US farmers demand patent reform
14/11/2007 1,016th suicide this year rocks Vidarbha
14/11/2007 250 major companies back GM crop ban
14/11/2007 Bees near cropland fall short in honey production keeper says
14/11/2007 New questions on genetically modified corn
14/11/2007 Response to "Let biotech crops bloom"
14/11/2007 Three million Italians sign anti-GM petition
13/11/2007 ACTION ALERT - GM rice in India
13/11/2007 Consumers Won't Know What They're Missing
13/11/2007 Lamb exporter backs GM ban
13/11/2007 NHRC calls on govt not to allow GM trials
13/11/2007 Seeding Monsanto on the web
13/11/2007 Ventria sowing a storm with altered rice
12/11/2007 Notable Quotes
11/11/2007 Food giant enters fight to keep GM bans
11/11/2007 The Excommunication of a Heretic
11/11/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 233
9/11/2007 Anti-GM crop activism motivated by financial gain - Shantharam
9/11/2007 Britain "to be growing GM crops by 2009"
9/11/2007 Brits says "no" to GM / GM-free Europe growing
9/11/2007 Escaped transgenes persist in nature, study shows
9/11/2007 GM moratorium backed by Australia's largest food manufacturer
9/11/2007 Is Africa being bullied into growing GM crops?
9/11/2007 Smoothie maker liquidises PLA trial amid GM concern
8/11/2007 An agricultural crime against humanity
8/11/2007 Dark side of the GM soy boom
8/11/2007 FSA to review GM rice contamination / DEFRA farce
8/11/2007 Maandoverzicht 50 - Nederlandse vertaling
7/11/2007 GM in India - Kavitha K vs Shantharam
7/11/2007 Patrick Moore - "dispelling myths" for agribiz
7/11/2007 Politically modified
7/11/2007 Re: Where's the evidence of GM benefits for Australia?
6/11/2007 Costs of GM rice scandal could exceed 1.2 billion USD
6/11/2007 Kenyan Minister disowns draft biosafety law
6/11/2007 Outrageous court decision on Biowatch costs
6/11/2007 Where's the evidence of GM benefits for Australia?
4/11/2007 Brazilian land activist killed in dispute over experimental GM farm
3/11/2007 Diet for a Dying Planet
2/11/2007 UC and BP: A Step in the Wrong Direction - Chapela
2/11/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 232
1/11/2007 Biotech Deaths May Already Total Millions
1/11/2007 GM Foods Unsafe - new Jeffrey Smith article
1/11/2007 James Watson's Legacy: Promoting a New Eugenics
1/11/2007 Jeffrey Smith interview: ''Truth Triumphs''
1/11/2007 Unfair comments on GM foods