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31/3/2006 Hong Kong gov't gave GM papaya seeds to organic farmers
31/3/2006 Labour peers' cash for pro GMO influence in government
31/3/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 169
30/3/2006 Worldwide contamination / Consumers don't want GM feed
29/3/2006 Beware! GM food on your platter
29/3/2006 CropDeath International / Guess who's coming to dinner
29/3/2006 GM papaya hype takes a tumble
29/3/2006 New study on Bt cotton shows millions of dollars in losses
28/3/2006 DuPont must acknowledge GM risks - shareholders
28/3/2006 GM: a case of good crop, bad crop
28/3/2006 Silo doors welded shut at GM soy supplier
28/3/2006 Transgenic threat to Indian crops
28/3/2006 Vidharbha - Farmers victims of govt policies and Monsanto's false promises
27/3/2006 EFSA's role in the corruption of GM science
27/3/2006 In George's Club
27/3/2006 John Innes Centre working on nano-biotech crossover
27/3/2006 Omega 3 GMO pig fat!
27/3/2006 Researchers lured to fudge truth
26/3/2006 Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy 2006 / Awards for Resisting Biopiracy
26/3/2006 Safe food - not just for Maharajas
25/3/2006 Actions against Monsanto, GMOs and Indo-U.S. farm deal
25/3/2006 Solidarity Visit to Occupied Syngenta Fields
25/3/2006 Terminator Seeds Suffer Defeat at Global Conference
24/3/2006 COP8 keeps de facto moratorium on Terminator
24/3/2006 Organic food for the Prince - GM food for the masses?
23/3/2006 Challenge to Bayer at stockholders' meeting
23/3/2006 Checks on GM foods "woefully inadequate"
23/3/2006 Large-scale cultivation of GMOs will not take place in Iran
23/3/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 168
22/3/2006 Blair's biotech backers
22/3/2006 Brazil's key farming state stands firm against GM
22/3/2006 Disown patent on "Terminator" potato, indigenous farmers tell business leader
22/3/2006 GE medicine derived from human/mouse hybrid gene
22/3/2006 Hungry Nations Demand Truth About GM Food Aid
22/3/2006 Syngenta fined over illegal GM tests in Brazil
21/3/2006 "More Spin, FAKE information and Lies!!!" from Morris
21/3/2006 Scrap the Indo-US pact say protesting farmers
20/3/2006 Adrian Bebb on Biosafety Protocol results
20/3/2006 When Corporations Come to Campus
19/3/2006 Irish scientist - award for a fraud?
18/3/2006 International safety laws agreed at MOP3
18/3/2006 Terminator campaign in India
16/3/2006 Africans not funded for key biosafety talks
16/3/2006 BBC - Brazil peasants occupy Swiss farm - landless movement allies with Via Campesina
16/3/2006 Blair's latest sleaze scandal and the biotech peers
16/3/2006 GM drug in catastrophic trial
16/3/2006 Immune responses and skin sensitization to Bt
16/3/2006 PRRI funded by biotech industry
16/3/2006 Safety expert sounds biotech alarm
16/3/2006 Victims of glyphosate invade Curitiba
16/3/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 167
15/3/2006 Biosafety Protocol / NZ a U.S. stalking horse?
15/3/2006 Former minister says government misleading on Terminator
15/3/2006 I didn't clone Dolly the sheep, says prof
15/3/2006 The Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods
15/3/2006 Via Campesina invades illegal transgenic plantation / Fighting contamination of organic maize in Catalonia
14/3/2006 "Zambia is right to reject GM crops"
14/3/2006 GMO panel's future in doubt after barrage of criticism
14/3/2006 Heinz Baby Rice Cereal contaminated by illegal GE rice
14/3/2006 Human and environmental rights violations related to GM soy expansion in Paraguay
14/3/2006 Pusztai replies to Fedoroff
14/3/2006 Uganda: Southern Farmers Confront Challenge of Terminator II
14/3/2006 Urgent - Biosafety Protocol - Take action
13/3/2006 Interview with Benbrook on GE
13/3/2006 Profile of pro-GM lobby group in Curitiba
11/3/2006 Deputy chief minister supports agitation against Seed Bill
11/3/2006 MONTHLY REVIEW No. 30
11/3/2006 Stop GM foods
10/3/2006 Biotech foods: David versus Goliath in Curitiba
10/3/2006 European Commission: Contaminate, then legislate
10/3/2006 Irish Scientist demands that Anti GM food group remove lies from their webpage
9/3/2006 Big majority of EU governments demand changes to biotech crop approval system
9/3/2006 Briefing for MOP 3
9/3/2006 European Parliament - Written Declaration on GM foods
9/3/2006 GM Watch is "a little lie machine", Morris claims
9/3/2006 March for GMO-free regions 5th April 2006 - Vienna
9/3/2006 Seeds of death / Concerns raised over GM food trials
9/3/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 166
8/3/2006 Offspring of GM attack dog unleashed in Ireland
8/3/2006 Pro-GM lobbyists out in force at MOP-3
8/3/2006 Report reveals worldwide illegal spread of genetically engineered crops
8/3/2006 Seeds of doubt on Terminator
7/3/2006 India opens agriculture to US corporates at huge cost
7/3/2006 Monsanto's wackoes at it again?
7/3/2006 MOP 3 - Cyberaction: Letter to Lula
7/3/2006 The Nature Biotechnology Who's Who of the Ethically Challenged
6/3/2006 FAO pushing GM in Africa with biotech front group
6/3/2006 Genome scarmbling: new paper out
6/3/2006 More biosafety violations in India / Monsanto forced to cut cotton seed prices
6/3/2006 Priest in angry clash with Martino over GM foods
6/3/2006 The pseudo-science of biotech lobbyists
5/3/2006 Cook up a storm at the European Commission!
5/3/2006 India pays in agriculture for nuclear deal
5/3/2006 Ministers back 'terminator' GM crops
4/3/2006 Bush's covert deal to boost biotech
3/3/2006 High Court issues notice on farmers' suicides
2/3/2006 Austria to reopen EU GM debate / Concerns over EFSA
2/3/2006 Lawmakers push ban on GM field testing in Hawaii
2/3/2006 Monsanto's farmers to meet Bush in India? / Keep ag off Bush's menu!
2/3/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 165
1/3/2006 BioEthics 2006 / DNA for peace!
1/3/2006 GMOs not the answer to banishing world hunger - Fr Sean McDonagh
1/3/2006 New chief scientist makes waves with GM and nukes
1/3/2006 Spinning farmers' caution into fervour down under