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31/7/2007 Agrofuel moratorium call - Urgent / The great biofuel fraud
31/7/2007 Gates' projects involving GM
31/7/2007 National consultation on GM-free agriculture in Italy
31/7/2007 Wall St Journal on IRRI and GM rice
31/7/2007 Without U.S. rules, biotech food lacks investors
30/7/2007 Farmyard truths and industry lies
30/7/2007 Freeman Dyson's techno-megalomania
30/7/2007 Gene therapy safety in question again
30/7/2007 More baseless claims on Bt Cotton by biotech industry: ASSOCHAM report
29/7/2007 GM organophosphate-resistant goats
29/7/2007 Techno-upoopia : "Let 'em eat poop!"
28/7/2007 Condi Rice's new advisor prominent GM promoter
28/7/2007 Dr Prakash apologizes for any lack of profanity
28/7/2007 Firms take on do-it-yourself regulating
28/7/2007 Monsanto takes a punch to the gut
28/7/2007 Monsanto's latest acquisition settles bribery charges
28/7/2007 States lack facilities to monitor GM crop trials, apex court told
27/7/2007 Declaring Ireland a GMO-free zone
27/7/2007 India's regulation co-controlled by industry
26/7/2007 Engineering consent in Switzerland
26/7/2007 The non-GM success stories
25/7/2007 Companies really know beans about moving genes
25/7/2007 GM potato stirs opposition in Europe
25/7/2007 Group wants to block pharma rice farm
25/7/2007 Monsanto loses claims for Roundup Ready genes
24/7/2007 Monsanto anti-farmer patents rejected as invalid
24/7/2007 Re: GMW: Engineering acceptance of GM - Oz, U.S. and Canada
24/7/2007 Use of GM animals quadruples
23/7/2007 Biotech scientist - GM crops don't increase yield
22/7/2007 Bt corn susceptible to both rootworms and aphids
22/7/2007 Engineering acceptance of GM - Oz, U.S. and Canada
22/7/2007 Monatsrückblick Nr. 46 - Deutsche Ausgabe
22/7/2007 Not cottoning on - Bt cotton disaster continues
22/7/2007 Protesters wreck 15,000 square metres of GM maize
21/7/2007 European Commission funding biotech PR effort
21/7/2007 Peru's Ancient Inca Capital Bans GM Potatoes
20/7/2007 GM lobbyist's bulldust extravaganza
20/7/2007 Indonesian govt pressured to promote GM crops
20/7/2007 Moratorium - Scotland's new GM policy
19/7/2007 GM fish destroyed / Rabbits pharmed / Vegetarian pigs
19/7/2007 Response to FDA/FTC over Monsanto's rBGH
19/7/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 223
18/7/2007 GM potatoes expelled from Andes
18/7/2007 Government urged to reject "dangerous" GM corn
18/7/2007 Indian Cotton Meadows Turn Into Killing Fields
17/7/2007 Agent Orange Video / Monsanto's legacy in Vietnam
17/7/2007 Bt cotton has lost its charm in Punjab
17/7/2007 European Commission hungry for GM potatoes
16/7/2007 Debt-ridden farmers forced to opt for Bt cotton
16/7/2007 Kofi Annan - GMOs "not solution to food crisis in Africa"
15/7/2007 Hypochondria Resurrected - Thomas Deichmann's smoke and mirrors
15/7/2007 Organic farming can feed the world, U-M study shows
15/7/2007 Oz GM push laid bare
15/7/2007 Writ over Bt cotton farmer suicides / Shatharam and Prakash defend Bt cotton
14/7/2007 U.S. to mull changes to oversight of biotech crops
13/7/2007 Cypriot Parliament stands firm on GM law
13/7/2007 GM contamination in Brazil - 3 case studies
13/7/2007 GM-free status sought for State
13/7/2007 Maandoverzicht No. 46 - Nederlandse vertaling
13/7/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 222
12/7/2007 Big concerns over GMOs in South Africa, West Africa and Uganda
12/7/2007 Stop all GM crop trials in Andhra Pradesh
11/7/2007 Public register for GMOs in France / Mexico's farmers slam GM imports
11/7/2007 Unfair sentence for Josep Pamies
11/7/2007 We should farm cloned animals says Dolly expert
10/7/2007 CRIIGEN answers EFSA over MON863
10/7/2007 EFSA fails to protect European citizens from a risky GM maize
10/7/2007 How new food crops are being forced down Kenya's throat
10/7/2007 Kenya accused of 'secrecy' on GMO technology Bill
10/7/2007 USDA - Organic farming more profitable and beats no-till
8/7/2007 Freedom to lobby for GMOs
7/7/2007 Protesters decontaminate the UK's last remaining GM potato trial
6/7/2007 GM-Free Balkans Tour / Online lectures
5/7/2007 Gene Blues
5/7/2007 GMOs Next Global Lightning Rod Issue
5/7/2007 Sick lab rats prompt SA probe into GM maize
4/7/2007 Genetic engineering and the secret changes in your food
4/7/2007 GM crop protest brings court fine
4/7/2007 GM giants pair up to do battle
4/7/2007 Newsnight on Monsanto's dumping of PCBs
3/7/2007 Don't make Kerala's rice bowl an experimental lab
3/7/2007 Josep Pamies' Story
2/7/2007 EU mashes GM potato plan / GM potato protesters in court
2/7/2007 More destruction of GM maize and barley in Germany
1/7/2007 Brave New Hay
1/7/2007 Challenge to Gene Theory, a Tougher Look at Biotech