GM actions worldwide/Protestors dump a thousand pints of GM milk on supermarket bosses (19/5/2004)

 You can e-mail Sainsbury's (see item 2) via www.sainsburys.co.uk/contatus or give them a ring on their Customer Careline 0800 636 262 or text: 07730 80 5000

1.GM actions worldwide

2.Protestors dump a thousand pints of GM milk on supermarket bosses

1.GM actions worldwide
Monsanto Drops GE Canola in Austalia http://weblog.greenpeace.org/ge/archives/001302.html#more http://www.greenpeace.org.au/truefood/news2.html

Italy Marathon Blockade Ends in Italy Our marathon action in Chioggia Italy came to an end after three days of protest when Italian police intervened to end our blockade of the Panama-registered bulk carrier, Keoyang Majesty, which is carrying 40,000 thousands tons of Argentinean GE Soya. http://weblog.greenpeace.org/ge/archives/001303.html#more

No way out for Bunge soya Soya processors Cereol/Bunge visited for the second time by our campaginers, this time 30 international activists have occupied the international company's soya processing facility in Ancona, Italy. http://www.greenpeace.it

UK Jamie Oliver and sixty cows invade Sainsbury's Our UK celebrity chef look alike 'Jamie Oliver' and a herd of cows invade Sainsbury's London HQ, the supermarket giant has agreed to meet with us to discuss how it can remove GE from its milk supply. http://weblog.greenpeace.org/ge/archives/001319.html#more http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/contentlookup.cfm?ucidparam=20040517102528&Menu Point=D-I

UK Dairy industry could ditch GE overnight Greenpeace report was produced in collaboration FARM a campaigning organisation for independent and family farms. It explains how the UK dairy industry can ditch its reliance on imported GE feed by a simple switch to a feed regime based on crops grown on-farm and regionally in the UK. While this transition is being made, the industry can immediately go independent of imported GE feed by switching to GE-free imports. http://weblog.greenpeace.org/ge/archives/001304.html#more

Germany Activists in Germany were forced to stop a blockade against the GE soya freighter 'Perast' which is carrying 26,000 tons of GE soya from Argentina this afternoon as two of our inflatables were destroyed, and the activists' lives endangered. The ship has docked in the port of Brake/Niedersachsen despite the valiant attempts of our volunteers and activists, who had to stop their protest when one of the inflatables sank.

http://weblog.greenpeace.org/ge/archives/001306.html#more http://www.greenpeace.org/deutschland/ New Zealand Ronald arrested and RW returns! Ronald McDonald has been arrested after locking himself to the gates of McDonalds' South Auckland distribution centre. http://weblog.greenpeace.org/ge/archives/001298.html#more http://www.greenpeace.org.nz/

2.'Jamie Oliver’ and 60 cows invade Sainsbury’s London HQ
 Protestors dump a thousand pints of GM milk on supermarket bosses
Monday May 17th 2004

'Jamie Oliver' [famous TV chef who advertises for Sainsbury's] took a herd of cows to Sainsbury's London HQ this morning and told the supermarket giant - "GM milk ain't pukka."

The Greenpeace pantomime cows invaded the building while the Jamie lookalike dumped a thousand pints of Sainsbury's own-brand milk onto the pavement outside the HQ. The supermarket chain produces milk from cows fed on GM. The policy results in thousands of tonnes of GM feed being imported into Britain each year.

Greenpeace campaigners are now walking around the Holborn offices passing out DVDs to the company's senior management. The video includes messages from Sainsbury's customers demanding that the company stops supporting the GM industry by producing milk from cows fed on a diet of American GM.

Sarah North, a GM campaigner at Greenpeace, said: "Sainsbury's has ignored its customers, but it won't be able to ignore 'Jamie Oliver', a herd of cows and half a tonne of GM milk on its doorstep. The company says it leads the pack in producing quality foods, but it still supports the GM industry. Every year it sells millions of pints of own-brand milk that comes from cows fed on GM. Huge shipments of GM are coming into the country every month because retailers like Sainsbury's refuse to go completely GM-free."

The dumped milk was given to Greenpeace by Sainsbury's customers angry at the company's policy. On May 8th Greenpeace conducted milk exchanges outside 20 Sainsbury's stores where customers were given the chance to exchange GM milk for the organic alternative free of charge. Cities across the country have seen the Greenpeace herd protesting outside Sainsbury's under the banner: 'THERE'S SOMETHING SCARY IN THE DAIRY.'

A new report released last week showed that milk producers could go GM-free at no cost to consumers or dairy farmers. The added cost of less than 1p per litre could be easily absorbed by retailers, whose huge mark-ups on dairy lines could comfortably accommodate the switch. Marks & Spencer has already ensured its milk is sourced from cows fed on a non-GM diet.

Sarah North added: "Growing GM threatens the environment with irreversible contamination. Sainsbury's shouldn't be supporting this business. We're telling their staff that the company could go GM-free cheaply and easily. We'll stay in their HQ for as long as we can or until they agree to a meeting with us so we can explain why GM is bad news for the countryside, for customers and for their company."


For more information / pictures / footage contact Greenpeace on 0207 865 8255

New Greenpeace report - 'GM and Dairy Cow Feed' - available from www.greenpeace.org.uk

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