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31/5/2004 AfricaBio - 'The NGO taking biotechnology to the people of Africa'
31/5/2004 Biotech take-over in Kenya - Kenya prepares to grow genetically modified maize
31/5/2004 EU Commissioner challenged over safety claim
31/5/2004 Uganda's 'Museveni Finally Gives in to GM Food Production'
30/5/2004 Regulatory capture in South Africa - the extraordinary tale of Muffy Koch
30/5/2004 USAID targets Africa / US to give US$2.1 million for Nigerian biotech
29/5/2004 FAO Declares War on Farmers not on Hunger - sign on to this Open Letter
29/5/2004 GM crop sites stay secret
29/5/2004 Major problems in China with GM cotton
28/5/2004 More protests against Monsanto in the Philippines
28/5/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 74
27/5/2004 Can Monsanto prosecute farmers in India?
27/5/2004 GM crops alter structure and function of liver, new research shows
27/5/2004 GM pharma crops secretly grown and marketed in America
27/5/2004 More herbicide resistance
27/5/2004 South African Court Case Seeks to Make GM Information Public
26/5/2004 Biotech is not the answer
26/5/2004 FBI abducts artist in GM detention case
26/5/2004 Penchant for secrecy - US & SA / Economic Protection Agency
26/5/2004 Weed with Roundup immunity galloping across state
25/5/2004 100,000 citizens from 91 countries, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, say "WTO - hands off our food"
25/5/2004 GM will not stop the salt
25/5/2004 Protests and court case in South Africa / Monsanto wants to control what South Africans are told
25/5/2004 Syngenta retreats on approved GM corn because of consumer resistance
24/5/2004 Biotech's deal with the devil
24/5/2004 Schmeiser claims moral and personal victory + lots of links
22/5/2004 Biotech in global retreat / Bay Area Mobilizes to Shut Down Biotech Convention
22/5/2004 GM Ending? / Science in Society #22
21/5/2004 Dwindling appetite for GM / Biotech's Dismal Bottom Line
21/5/2004 Result just in on Percy Schmeiser decision
20/5/2004 End to ban fails to sway stores / Protests after Europe ends GM food freeze
20/5/2004 Tell Monsanto Where To Go! - New letter writing campaign
20/5/2004 UN hunger message spun off course - Genetic Engineering is NOT meeting the needs of the poor!
20/5/2004 Victory in GM battle with McDonald's
19/5/2004 Bt cotton fails again
19/5/2004 Corn wars - Syngenta goes for the jugular
19/5/2004 GM actions worldwide/Protestors dump a thousand pints of GM milk on supermarket bosses
19/5/2004 Monsanto defies German government / Bureaucrats say yes – public says no!
19/5/2004 Protests at Berkeley graduation ceremony / The walking spreadsheet narrates
18/5/2004 Sharma on FAO / Monbiot on Andhra Pradesh
17/5/2004 The Fraud of 'Sound Science'
16/5/2004 Biotech food fizzles out In USA and farmers challenge Monsanto's contracts
16/5/2004 Exposing Corporate and Government Lies About The Safety Of GE Food
14/5/2004 Monsanto: it's all coming home to roost
14/5/2004 Setback to USA's GM Food Dumping Policy
13/5/2004 Dairy farms urged to cut out GM feed
13/5/2004 GM crops reap harvest of opposition in Australia
13/5/2004 GM refuges contaminated / "Resistance found in GM refuges"
13/5/2004 Illegal GM penetrating northern India / Broken promises
13/5/2004 Italian port blockade ends / Tragedy of GM in Argentina - new paper
13/5/2004 Monsanto Sues Syngenta / Syngenta buys AstraZeneca's Advanta / Syngenta to battle Monsanto over corn
13/5/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 72
12/5/2004 Agbiotech's Silicon Valley shuts down
12/5/2004 Electoral rout following GM cotton disaster in India
12/5/2004 Harvest fears as MAF starts search for lost seed
12/5/2004 Is this the end for GM food?
12/5/2004 Monsanto shutting down GM programme in Australia
12/5/2004 Monsanto's catalogue of horrors in India / Angry farmers give their verdict
12/5/2004 Take care or die - A precautionary tale
11/5/2004 'Junk' DNA reveals vital role - discovery just 'tip of the iceberg'
11/5/2004 Monsanto abandons worldwide GM wheat project
11/5/2004 Monsanto's share price hammered / US and global coverage
11/5/2004 Suman Sahai on GM regulation in India
10/5/2004 Ban GM Trees, UN told
10/5/2004 Codex must accept GM labelling say consumer advocates
10/5/2004 Global actions against GM
10/5/2004 Monsanto drop GM wheat!
10/5/2004 Monsanto’s retreat - "Worldwide victory for consumers"
9/5/2004 Farmers hit out at GM seeds bungle
7/5/2004 More on PR outfit’s demise
7/5/2004 Secret German GM crop trials revealed / More on Taverne
7/5/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 71 - and monthly review
7/5/2004 WFP accused of igniting controversy over GM food aid - CI joins African NGOs in GM food aid protest
6/5/2004 Bollworm control problems in US / GM canola could make resistance problems worse
6/5/2004 Lobby group's demise raises suspicions
6/5/2004 Syngenta may pull out of Germany as GM crops sabotaged / Secret trials in eastern Germany
6/5/2004 Taverne blasts organics as "costly fraud"
6/5/2004 Tougher (not weaker) bio-safety rules needed in India
6/5/2004 USAID to pay Nigeria to spread GMOs
5/5/2004 African Groups respond to WFP accusations of inaccuracy
5/5/2004 Against the grain - GM cottons, golf courses and plastics aren't safe either
5/5/2004 MPs challenge GM crops move
5/5/2004 Swaminathan panel flayed for ambiguity
5/5/2004 Trade rules must change in favour of public health
4/5/2004 Africa GM food aid claims are 'rubbish' (indeed!)
4/5/2004 Africa in revolt over GM food / African countries 'forced' to accept GM food aid
4/5/2004 African groups accuse WFP and USAID over GM food aid
4/5/2004 Benefit sharing is dead - Devinder Sharma
4/5/2004 Stay away from genetically modified medicinal plants
4/5/2004 The man that took on Monsanto - new Schmeiser interview
4/5/2004 Troubled waters: flourescent fish spark GM row
3/5/2004 200,000 petition calls for strict labelling of GM foods
3/5/2004 Cowed Media Disease - from GM drug to mad cow USA
3/5/2004 Exciting news from Brazil, Spain, Australia, Germany, Brussels, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina
3/5/2004 Lord Sainsbury expected to quit
2/5/2004 Devastating IMF/World Bank sponsored projects
2/5/2004 GM crops threaten Britain's mammals, say Oxford experts
2/5/2004 More US bans sought / Norwegian importers tells US it would shun all US wheat
1/5/2004 Creating Hunger With GM Crops
1/5/2004 Industry's regulatory coup in India
1/5/2004 New study nails Monsanto's lies over GM cotton in India